An interesting game being made

A guy I know and am facebook friends with is making a rather interesting video game where you assemble and tune a Datsun 100A. The game is called My Summer Car. It seems to be set in the early 1990’s Finland when the Datsun 100A was a popular car for youngsters to learn car stuff with. We used to drive one of those around a frozen lake with my cousins.

Here’s some video about it:

looks like a lot of fun

I can see this becoming quite popular. The sequel has got to be Pimp my Peugeot :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh, that actually looks like it might be quite fun. The list of features on the website is pretty good. :stuck_out_tongue:

A few gaming websites have now noticed this game, and not only in Finland. A long youtube video has been released where the maker of the game talks about it, with quite terrible (but entertaining!) rally driver english.

I have a test version of the game and I’m going to stream it on twitch tonight after the Finland - Russia ice hockey game (so around 22:40 UTC+2 or +3, I’m always confused about the time zones) (If I talk at all, it might be in Finnish, although if many people from other countries will watch I can probably manage to make myself understood in English as well)

I haven’t watched the dev video yet - [edit: from the two videos in the OP,] the thing that it reminds me of most is Car Mechanic Simulator 2014, and that’s a pretty cool thing. Thanks for posting about this!