Any idea why my modest hatchback weights 16,000Lbs?

I was working on a simple low powered hatchback when I noticed this. The engine only weighs 213 Lbs and trying to change any materials/quality settings seems to not do much. I’m on the open beta so I assume this may be a bug?

Hope you got a class B CDL to drive that thing.


.224 mph? , I think most people can crawl faster than that.
And .01g in cornering? WTF? That’s like, parallel parking a car.

Seriously bugged.

Must be a bug related to weight calculations introduced in the latest hotfix - but it will be fixed eventually.

Please post which body you’re using, as this seems to be an issue with a specific body, otherwise you’d see the forums ablaze with similar posts :stuck_out_tongue: I assume it is some body box not correctly set.

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I wonder what it would be like in BeamNG?