Any tips for making older cars?

so. i’m doing my third attempt at the lite campaign, and i still run into a major issue, none of my cars are marketable. i tried making a 1940’s family car using the small 40’s sedan body, and i have tried various engine configurations, just to have none of them work, no matter what i do, my cars aren’t marketable, any tips?

Can you post the car and the engines you’ve tried? So we can see whats ‘wrong’ with them :wink:

In terms of horsepower, less is more when you’re in the 1940s. My first 2 fruinian cars were a 700cc 25hp city car and a 900cc 32hp sedan.

Unfortunately, as i have been trying in the lite campaign, i kept deleting them, however i will attempt to recreate them in sandbox. as for less is more, i learned that from killrob’s lets play, by constantly “strangling” engines

EDIT: i accidentially started to build one with the large 40’s sedan instead of small and the marketability shot right up, was i just using too small a car for gasmea?

Gasmea likes big cars but IIRC takes a dump on them in the late 50’s


Thanks for telling me that now, i just hit early 50’s


I may be wrong! @cpufreak101 don’t take my word, I haven’t even played the campaign yet!


I play in Fruinia and I have found that building a very small displacement engine and targeting family or commuter will allow you to survive long enough to start selling into multiple markets, once you can do this your sales will go through the roof.
And starting with a medium factory for the body and a small factory for the engine. Also safety is your best friend and I highly recommend spending a few points in tech on interior and safety


Yep, since it’s post war economy, setting difficulty to “Insane” and then attempting to start off as a GT/supercar/hypercar manufacturer does not make for a high score :stuck_out_tongue:


killrob proved that wrong.

and i played at brutal starting on the premium market… i didn’t even spend enough money

Killrob made the campaign work by targeting hypercar from the beginning on insane difficulty? I haven’t had time to see playthroughs, but I clearly didn’t go quite ham enough on the high performance sector cars, since creating cars for hyper was one of my main jobs the last round of beta :joy:

Be warned, if you do play hyper segment, you’ll be up against cars that are probably better suited to F1 than the road by about the 80s. And by 80s and F1, I mean 1000bhp.


well maybe not GT right off the bat. but close enough. he started on the top end of cars. and stayed there. and are actually prospering on brutal difficulty


It’s actually not difficult to compete with hypercars once you’ve got a decent amount of prestige built up. I was able to get over 100 competitiveness several times. (I even had a car which still got over 90 competitiveness when it was 10 years old!) Maybe because the competitors are F1 cars not road cars :laughing:

it’s hard for sure. i spent quite a bit of time fine tuning. but i haven’t gone down yet… since i’m still on my first playthrough and are still on 1954

Can you tell me the settings? All of these things are highly dependent on the exact multiplier and combination of money, competitiveness and markup. Brutal can be a lot easier than Insane depending on what you do.

competitors price and ‘love’ slide is at 1.0 barely any tech points. and starting with i think 650M of money with the end multiplier of… 2.07 i think it was?

Considering Hyper doesn’t even exist as a market when you start, nah, you’re OK. I made that mistake on my very first playthrough. Made a very competitive Hypercar (88 and change) that was very affordable (80% or so) only to find out, there is no one to buy them in the '40s. Whoops.

GT Premium. Do it. Get the tech and once you pass the mid fifties they start selling like stink