AR01 Alternate Reality 1975

This is not a challenge.
Let me repeat, this is not a challenge, although it might challenge the creative cortex to fire stronger in thy octane-laden brain.

This is and was not reality. This is sweet fiction at it’s best.

Year: 1975, somewhere in France.

Under government pressure to devise a vehicle that is small and nimble, but cheap and not anemic, Citroen was tasked with giving a power boost to the 2CV.
The result was quite exciting and slightly expensive, as a two-cylinder lawnmower was blessed with a boxer 4. Aptly named the 2CV boxer4 was unceremoniously turned down due to the additional costs and a hangar full of base spec vehicles ready to be police-specced has been locked away in hopes of the decision being overturned.

Citroen is unlocking the time capsule full of ready to be modified 2CV boxer4 models to the public, and possible coach-builders and fabricators.

This is where you, dear reader, come into play.
If you so choose, take one of these examples and showcase to the world how creative you are in the time frame of two years (2018-2020).
Rules are not-existent as this is not a challenge, however, send me a PM with your creation as I will feature it and review, as well as share my opinions on it.

Again, there are no deadlines. As I see a creation being sent to me, I will update with an honest opinion. If I am impressed, I will do a video review with driving as well.

The car: (101.9 KB)

The car in pictures:

Remember, have fun, and let your petrol freak-flag fly.
(Steam-based mods are allowed)


If a more upmarket version of the 2CV had been planned later on in its life, this would have been it.

Well have at it.

They tried to be more upmarket with the Dyane, but the Dyane came after 2CV and ended production before it as well.