Ardent + Bogliq - World Upside Down

Breaking news! Bogliq has taken over Ardent Motors!

No, this isn’t ENTIRELY a joke. Lore-wise, the companies will never have merged, and will continue their rivalry. But, as far as players go, I have to step down from Automation entirely, at least for now. Because of the history of rivalry (and friendship), I am passing the company (actually all three… Ardent, Townsend, and Suzume) over to @HighOctaneLove for safe keeping. He’ll play lore cars when he feels it appropriate for competitions.

The reason I need to step back is simply because I no longer run a PC, and Automation does not run on Mac through Crossover. This is also an M1 Mac, so BootCamp will not be an option either.

So I open this thread for HOL to post cars he’s updated or translated.


Thanks @VicVictory, if you’re not back before 4.2 then I’ll do a complete rebuild of Ardent, Townsend and Suzume. I will keep in touch with you during this process so you can makes sure the lore and designs fit your vision.

I’m going to miss having you around the forum, especially your competitions!, so stay safe and get a real PC soon! Hahahahaha!!!


Yes, I agree. Vic, you have been one of my “favourite” members of this forum if I am allowed to say that, always helpful, arranging very good competitions, always up for a talk when needed and rarely grumpy even though some members seems to have tried to test your patience every now and then, you sure will be missed, so I agree with HighOctaneLove a bit here. :wink: But if someone should keep up the lore it is him, all your little rivalery have probably learned him a lot about your brands.


Don’t want to upset, @VicVictory, but…GM took over SAAB…where are they now???

PSA took over Vauxhalls…look what they’re doing, close to me, in Ellesmere Port…

So long Ardent…twas nice knowing you… :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

@HighOctaneLove, be gentle with the dismemberment…think of the families.

On a more serious note, can you run Parallels on your Devil’s Windows device?


Considering that @VicVictory has had a great track record of hosting competitions (especially Generations I and II), his decision to hand over the lore of the Ardent group to a new custodian, one who understands its history very well, makes perfect sense - and it will allow the conglomerate to live on.

cough PSA…GM cough

I could if I bought it, but I would very likely have the same problem. The game loads up all the way, and I can get in to make a car (though the load time is quite a bit longer than I’m used to), but there’s no graphics in the car design window. I can select all the options, but I can’t see, morph, or place fixtures. Which also has some very obvious limitations towards tires if the wheel wells can’t be flared. This is a byproduct of the radically changed graphics chip.

Well, that took all of 3 months before I got sick of MacOS and yeeted the machine. Thankfully (I guess?) my mother-in-law’s decrepit Mac died, so I had an avenue to offload it.

So uhm, yeah. Ardent is back under its rightful iron fist… I mean… board of directors.


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Welcome back!