Are NA engines under powered?

Granted this opinion could be solely on my average tuning merits, however does anyone else thing NA engines feel under powered compared to their real life counterparts? For example the very popular nissan VQ motor which has seen many many updates in its life cycle, now tops out at 300hp in the latest maxima at 3.5L of displacement. Trying to replicate something similar in game requires a large cam profile, tubular or long tube headers and direct injection to raise compression to very high levels.

Why is it that in real life manufacturers are able to squeeze out so much power using a cast manifold? The cast log manifold in game, I know is supposed to be very restrictive, but I feel like its a hair TOO restrictive.

Anyone else have thoughts?

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The vq uses either a tubular or a short cast manifold. very few engines use a cast log style.

Yup, most modern engines use short cast headers, and those are usually fine for most “boring” engines in the game.

Cast log is not very useful most of them time due to the flow problems, with the exception of some early economical engines.

Also, as soon as engineering time is implemented in the game, cast log manifolds will be basically free while short cast are not.

I’m actually looking forward to engineering and research time features. I really want to see what creations are made when companies need to make compromises instead of being able afford or have access to the best tech

That will be nice killrob, and should definitively keep them useful for a while. :smiley:

But it won’t change the fact that they are mediocre.

Welcome to the world of corporate compromise.

Just for fun, I quickly replicated a ~300HP Muliport injection V6 engine based on info from Wikipedia. Here is kind of what I see…

Using these specs from Wikipedia:
Bore x Stroke: 3.760" x 3.205" = 3498cc
Compression: 10.6
Fancy Nissan VVT techs
All Aluminum Block & Heads, Forged Steel internals, DOHC
Redline: 7500RPM
Twin Throttle body intake, dual exaust

I matched as close as possible. Ended up with a Cam profile of 38 & 61, quality +7 (to acocunt for their fancy VVT techs)

Runs on regular unleaded. Currently using a Fuel Mix of 13.0, Ignition Timing at 50, +2 Quality fuel system

Tubular Headers, Dual Exaust, 1.75" Diameter, High flow Cat, Two Reverse Flow Mufflers, +4 Quality

Here’s what I get

Top end power is a little too high, but getting right around 300HP at 6800RPM, 258lb-ft @ 4700RPM.

Detune the cams, Retard Ignition Timing, lower exhaust quality, and leaner fuel mixture, and you can replicate most tunes that Nissan uses pretty closely.

I’d say the hardest thing to replicate is the exact low end torque, IMHO.

Hope this helps!