Ariette Car Manufacture

Ariette was found in 1939 by Ariette Brothers. When the II World War started, the factory was forced to do military vechicles. The first vechicle was called Ariette J Series and was equipped in inmortal 3.0 Inline 4 Engine producing 40 HP. After the war ended, Ariette released it first factory produced car the Ariette E Series. It had 3 chassis Variants: Sedan, Combi and Coupe. And 6 engine Variants: 1.9 Inline 4 , 2.1 Inline 4, 2.6 Inline 4, 3.0 Inline 4, Limited edition 90° V6 P Version and USDM 4.4 90° V8. In 1989 Ariette introduced F Series Hatchback and in 2020 F Series became Crossover. There was also Small Pickup Lineup from 2001-2020 Called W Series You could buy it New for 12000$. It was sold worldwide.

This is Ariette W10T with 1 Liter Inline 3 Turbined Engine producing 67 HP. Ready for Every day struggles

Here is New 2020 Ariette F Series From left to Right 3.0 P Performance, F18 with 1.8 Inline 4, F16 with 1.6 Inline 4 and F14 with 1.4 Inline 4
(This photo doesn’t include Turbined models as well as Automatic and Turbined Automatic Models)



He looks like 2017 James Hetfield after a year in Russia

Mabye its he. Who knows?