[ARM] Automation RestoMod Chapter 16: Soul on Fire [CONCLUSION]

Well this was a very long road trip. Am so glad to be back. With that in mind, let’s let Valentino get his dose of some Alfalicious offers!

Enter the mind of mister Babooni:

Finally, some free time and a relatively full inbox with…oh wait, only four replies to demands made by Valentino?
Well, this better be good! Valentino deduces

Looking through the offerings Valentino realizes that none of the offers are similar!
Mamma mia, all the offerings are different! Valentino exclaims

We have @cake_ape with his wild GTV6 by Mons Racing that kind of struck out of the blue! A mix of off-road baja racing monster with buttery smoothness and brain-stopping acceleration.
Holy spaghetti, what a wild car! Valentino excites

Next he opens @karhgath proposal aptly named GTV6 Incubo by MTL Customs. Now this is a rodded out restoration using old original, although modified components, built with massive knowledge and attention to detail.
How attentative and knowledgable… Valentino concludes

The third offering from @Lanson the GTV-2025 Concept Run is quite a stunner to Valentino as he views it. Obviously a restomod with a creative rethink, drawing inspiration from some concept cars from Alfa Romeo history.
How fresh, how different! Valentino gawks

Last offering of the day comes from @Mikonp7 in a form of GTV6 TreadKillers by Autostrada Collection. Looking like a throwback to race cars of old it invokes feelings of speed and glory in Valentino.
How glorious and fast-looking… Valentino ponders

So what do we have here boys and girls?
One car, four personalities, maximum creativity!
Tomorrow we delve deeper into each one before coming to a conclusion.
However, before that happens, I want to personally thank all entrants in this competition.
My requirements and models were probably more than a handful, and the concept itself drawing inspiration in realism, but you showed the true petrol-head spirit and created some awesome displays, none of which is mediocre.

I thank you and salute you!
Continuation tomorrow!


Did Valentino choke on a spicy meatball?

hell no. He is posting it now.
Valentino was actually hit by a car (yes really)
Patience, it will be up in no more than 60min (with videos and everything)


Valentino, being impulsive got in touch with an Alfa Romeo club in Castelleto where he shared the proposals received from four different builders. All of them being impressed by offerings managed to source three more GTV6 rescue cars. The plan was set to build four unique cars as a tribute to the brand and it’s unique model.

Fast forward two years

All cars have been built and delivered to their prospective owners. Valentino makes arrangements to travel to Germany and give all cars a good thrashing at the „Green Hell“. But before he does, these are some of the findings from first impressions and inspections of each car. After having driven all cars on Fastello-Castelleto-Fastello route, this is what Valentino concludes;

GTV6 TreadKillers by Autostrada Collection

This is one striking looking car from afar. Coming closer to it though gives a fuller picture, as well as examining the spec sheet.
At 240HP it sounds like a very healthy power boost over the standard 160HP, and looking at a stripped out interior, as well as under 1100kg low weight, it should provide some cracking performance. However at 7.4s to 100km/h this seems baffling. Upon further inspection, the gearbox has very short gearing, but extremely long first gear. This coupled up with a peaky engine that starts pulling hard only from 5500-6000 rpm creates a very sluggish experience off the line.
The automated manual is also a questionable choice, but it does perform it’s duties well. All this creates a drivable car in real world where there is no neccessity for racing off the line, but the engine just feels sluggish unless pushed. Also, lack of low-range torque never really makes the car nervous on open roads. It feels linear and dialed in to what it offers. As far as the aesthetics goes, styling draws inspiration from period correct racers, but here it is more of a nuisance whenever nearing road bumps. It is guaranteed the car will scrape every time.
All in all a package that leaves much to be desired through unrealized potential. One more note, the consumption is a rather high 12.7l per 100km. it is worrying due to ever-rising fuel prices.

GTV 2025 Concept Run

Approaching the CR was quite the experience. Facing it head on, created admiration and a slight sense of fear. The nose is visually lower to the ground, promising danger and excitement. Rear is equally as striking as the front, reminiscent of older slim taillight designs of the 80s and 90s in a modern graphics. However, it seems a bit dry from the side. C-pillar is missing an element, something that would make the GTV look complete. Mind you, stance is perfect and all in all it is a very pleasant think to look at. This is a great achievement due to the fact that it was re-imagined. Not many designers can pull this off.
But the story changes on the inside. While it is comfortable and built to relatively high standards, it just felt very generic and soul-less. There is nothing recognizable on the inside. The three dial layout is swapped with something more at home in a Japanese product. It’s a shame as the seats are so inviting, and the outside so striking. All in all the car feels incomplete.
However, bringing this Busso to life and setting off was quite a jolt! The thing just feels muscular and ready to go whenever you touch the throttle. 323HP with torque across the rev range creates something quite spectacular. Even at 1437kg the car manages to feel way lighter. Add to this a direct turn-in, throttle controllable rear end as well as three pedals and perfect gearing, you got yourself a nice canyon-carver that leaves nobody cold.
What Valentino found amazing was the consumption. The CR gave all the fun in the world at just 6.6l on average.

GTV6 by Mons Racing

Holy crap. Holy crap! HOLY CRAP!! This doesn’t look like a car, but more like a raging bull. Sitting there all hunkered down on it’s hydro-pneumatics gives it the presence of something not special, but unique! The red shade that screams at you, details, fender flares, ballooned tires, the goodness in unreal. Inside is also as striking, being mostly stock, but spruced up to the tens with modular dash. Valentino loved the digital dash, although was more in tune with the analogue one. The spare tire filling the rear-view is icing on the cake. This car is special, and should be viewed through a different lens.
Firing up the Busso automatically starts raising the car to it’s normal height. The sensation was strange in an Alfa, but theater left him excited. How will it perform though on the open roads? Very well in fact! All-wheel drive setup makes the drive fuss-free. At normal speeds it is manageable and even comfortable at levels not typical to an Alfa. Then there is the gearbox… It’s a double-clutch setup that launches the car to 100 in under 4 seconds! The ratios are very short, keeping a slightly rev-happy engine at full burn at all times. You can sense the gearing is more than adequate for some baja-style driving.
This is the only car here that actually doesn’t cause Valentino to question the absence of manual transmission. But then the reality sets in as he pulled the car to get refueled. 16l per 100 consumption! I mean yes, it is 380HP AWD, hydro-pneumatics setup, but still it was a surprise. Worth it though!

GTV6 “Incubo” by MTL Customs

This is the car Valentino commissioned himself. It is rather special in this group as it is the only car restored and modified with period-correct goodies. There was something very Alfa in the whole concept. Design was spot on for a souped-up European-spec muscle car with an abundance of nods to a long and rich history of Alfa and GTV6.
Something spoke to Valentino in this monstrosity. Thick tires, maybe a size too big made the car look beefy, wheel arches creating a menacing stance, but all within a healthy dose of restraint. You can park this car at even the most expensive restaurant, dressed to the nines, with a supermodel under your arm, and it would not offend nor cause disapproval.
Under the hood though there is a massaged Busso, bored and stroked, modified and tuned. It churns out 260HP that pushes around just under a ton of weight! The feeling is certainly one of a muscle car as he sets off or a drive. Always enough grunt, never too much drama. It is a soft car, very 80s in it’s handling, but add the massive rubber and it holds to the road, causing modern sports cars anxiety. He loves this car, with it’s 5-speed manual, rowing the gears and cruising through the twisties.
At 10.4l consumption it is very acceptable using old tech. Clearly, this car was the Winner, and after trying the others, his feelings confirmed once again.

Now for the Nurburgring laps:
The laps recorded were done first time and only once. If you see the driving style change throughout the lap, it is because I’m learning the car as I go. Driven them all as if these are real.

GTV6 TreadKillers by Autostrada Collection
(Mikonp7) GTV6 TreadKillers by Autostrada Collection - YouTube
What was clearly an issue on open roads proves true on the track as well. Engine was anemic, not pulling bellow 6k. Valentino is sad to say that within this drive he managed to lose the front splitter.
However, the car seemed to handle more loose after that. The chassis is such a joy though, very neutral and very hindered by just poor setup of engine/transmission. If only the first gear was shorter and maybe a 6 speed setup was used, the results might have been different.

GTV 2025 Concept Run
(Lanson) GTV 2025 Concept Run - YouTube
This car proved what Valentino suspected all along. It is a perfect drive. Always on power and always in control. Predictable and compliant, fast as the devil himself. And yet, also very totaled…
Valentino managed to break through the speed limiter at over 280km/h at the final straight, not slowing down on time, losing control and destroying a very unique creation… Flavio is heart-broken and Valentino will have to dish up a handsome sum for what he did.
Again, it was Valentino who was at fault here as the car was performing above all expectations!
This car would be his first pick for any serious driving!
Sorry Flavio…

GTV6 by Mons Racing
(cake ape) GTV6 by Mons Racing - YouTube
The Mons(trosity) on the other hand was just brutal. Once realizing that there is no need to go lower than forth gear, the drive became so interesting and fun. Losing the tail meant more opportunities to power-slide out of impossible situations.
However, being a short-wheelbase car, it tended to cause some instabilities even on slight corners, and for Valentino, it would have benefit even more with a greater rear-bias of the AWD system. Mind you, this distribution is more at home on gravel and sand, so there is that.
All in all a very thrilling drive, still limited by the basic factors.

GTV6 “Incubo” by MTL Customs
(karhgath) GTV6 Incubo by MTL Customs - YouTube
After crashing the CR, Valentino realized how different these two cars are. The “Incubo” is still a very engaging car, but viewed through the lens of old. A soft ride, easy to control on the limit, but the limit is not as high as the CR.
Gearing is perfect, heel and toeing is a breeze, and manliness factor is through the roof. Manhandling something that was built to a different time standard just brought a smile to his face.
Time to play some 60s Italian music and do a few more laps.
However, the desire still lingers to give the CR another go!

Final standings:

If only looked through a lens of Automation:

4th place
GTV6 TreadKillers by Autostrada Collection
Choices made in setting up this car were slightly baffling. It’s a great package hindered by it’s engine/transmission setup and very low ride height.

3rd place
GTV 2025 Concept Run
A very solid and daring car made to subvert expectations. In this company it is hindered by lowest drivability score and uninspired interior and bland side-view design.

2nd place
GTV6 by Mons Racing
Bat-shit crazy design, technology, great safety, all awesome plusses. That consumption though brings it down for me.

1st place
GTV6 “Incubo” by MTL Customs
Being the only car to have a period correct restoration and modification, managing to more than be able to keep up with the rest of the pack brings it to first place. Also, looks are drop-dead gorgeous with brand mythos details and features splashed about.

Final standings:

If only looked through a lens of Beam.NG:

4th place
GTV6 TreadKillers by Autostrada Collection
Hindered by the gearbox, anemic engine, and low ride height, it proved to be a package that is incomplete.

3rd place
GTV6 by Mons Racing
Short gearing felt strange at the “Green Hell”. I understand what was the intention, but at that track it felt a bit off. Being slightly twitchy, and having relatively low tire grip puts it in 3rd place.

2nd place
GTV6 “Incubo” by MTL Customs
A great all around track pack. Slightly softer than you would expect but fast and balanced none the less.

1st place
GTV 2025 Concept Run
Without a question the best track experience by far (before crashing it)
Perfect balance, excellent engine pull and faster than it has any right to be. Congrats on this achievement!

In any case, congratulations @karhgath for winning this competition. Even if we consider the average score of Automation and Beam.NG, you are still the clear winner. I was most impressed by thought and apparent research that went into your build. It ticked all the boxes with few compromises while touching Valentino’s soul.


Momma-mia what a crash. If this were a real resto-mod show it would have made one helluva season-ender.

I’ll take the Beam win and run. I’ve said before I make most of my cars to drive in Beam, and this one was no exception. I’ll lose most challenges because of this ethic, but I’m not really going to stop doing it. Even the soccer mom-mobile goes around a track or two before being handed in.



Hey, make sure to watch the drive :smiley:
Mind you, prepare your eyes for a brutal ending :smiley:

Oh I did, trust me. Looks like the handling tweaks and efforts paid off except the part where you were about one curb-hop height too low. With a bit more suspension compliance (height), it might have survived.

Nope, all me there. Pushing 290 in a region where I should have already been braking. Got too cocky :smiley:
But as said in a disclaimer, these were all one lap runs. Mind you, I managed to stall your car in the pits too :smiley:

This section where you crashed is always hard with the bump and uneven tarmac at high speed, and the braking. Or so it is in most racing games, hehe.

Surprised mine did so well on the track considering I do not have Beam. Glad you enjoyed the lap!

As for getting the win, I am quite surprised and honored. My gamble paid off and it was a super interesting challenge. I am happy you liked all the little details I could muster in the design, took a lot of research and prep. I knew how much time you put in that replica so I wanted to make sure I represented it well.

Thanks a lot for hosting, even if it was a bit much for many, I liked the challenge :wink:

As for now, I am very soon leaving on vacation, but think I can start the round before I do. I gonna try to have the ARM17 brief up this weekend, hopefully. I will leave at least a month for it as it is summertime for everyone.


Listen, the amount of detail… I mean, the screws on the grille was just insane. Loved it. Also loved what you were able to do to a 1985 settings with economy as well. Just awesome. Anyway, you can compare the replica with your work.
Congrats man!

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Small poll on the next ARM. I and still struggling with limitations of the E-Series model in Automation not allowing the original I6 - the original bay was not able to accommodate a V8, but the one in automation can fit a reasonable V8 nicely but not the original I6.

There is an older model that looks vaguely similar but is much less close to the E-Series look/paint and is less fun to play with.

How should the next ARM prompt car be handled?

  • Use the best model available, fudge the original engine a bit, size-wise, to fit and but keep authenticity realistic even if the engine is not 100% a replica (e.g. allow a costly swap, especially to something that would not normally fit like a V8)
  • Use the best model available, fudge the original engine a bit, size-wise, to fit and allow an moderately easy engine swap to any engine that fits the automation bay if desired - let’s be creative here but keep a dash of engine authenticity.
  • Use the best model available, include a random swapped shed engine in that fits and force a no-cost swap to any engine that fit in the automation bay - no engine authenticity required
  • Use the older crap model and make it as close to the original as possible with rules that reflect 100% realism and authenticity. Let the restomod companies handle the crap model and make it look good.
  • “Bro, just do something else then!”

0 voters

Good model

Crap model that barely looks similar (not 100% styled yet)

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That was fun, thanks for hosting! The videos are a nice bonus… that poor Concept Run! Haha. Interesting to see four completely different takes on the same car :slight_smile: .

I’m surprised actually how well the Mons(trosity) did on tarmac. It was indeed meant to be pretty brutal, but with its AT tires and overall off-roady setup it’s probably more home on a dirt track, especially raised to its max height. Just out of curiosity, did you try it on any baha/dirt roads in Beam? Would love to hear your opinion. I can’t test it myself for a lack of controller/wheel, and I refuse to play Beam on a keyboard…


Indeed I did try it there! Tried both normal and offroad settings.
It is surprising how well it digs itself out of a messy corner, and the rear bias is more pronounced there. Mind you, the engine is a little bit demanding of higher revs, but the gearbox is up to the task, and very befitting of any offroad, reflex-requiring task! It cought me off quard on a few sharp landings as it didn’t absorb the landing very well, but I made those doing almost 200kph, so it is all on me.
It is a daaaamn good car sir!

And yes, I’ve seen the tubular chassis you’ve made for it and everything. Pretty amazing stuff!
Respect to all of you who submitted to this challenge as I know it was quite a challenging task with ballsy rule set and limit pushing deteriorated state of the car. I believe this is why all builds were so unique!
Proud of every one of them