[ARM] Automation RestoMod Chapter 30: pre-round polling

Owing to a time shortage and indecisiveness on my part, I thought I’d put the subject of ARM30 to a poll. Non-exhaustive list of candidates:

  1. 1938 DCMW Al-Sayaadim

  2. 1980 Norðwagen Skaði

  3. 1959 DCMW Sharriallat

  4. 1960 DCMW Barrijat

  5. 19?? DCMW Firebreather

  6. 1980 Norðwagen Midgard

  7. 1985 Norðwagen Valkyrja

    1. 1938 DCMW Al-Sayaadim
    1. 1980 Norðwagen Skaði
    1. 1959 DCMW Sharriallat
    1. 1960 DCMW Barrijat
    1. 19?? DCMW Firebreather
    1. 1980 Norðwagen Midgard
    1. 1985 Norðwagen Valkyrja
  • Something else (specify)
  • None of these
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Any objections to more than one being available? I have an idea for a story where this would make sense.

Pending that, I’m pausing this until a couple of other comps finish.

What do you mean with more than one being available? As in, the participants can choose one car to mod from several possibilities, or that participants can (must?) mod several cars? My answer would probably be cautionary in either case, but for different reasons. That said, there is no absolute rule against it in the main ARM ruleset - probably because I never considered it.

For the former, I can see it being difficult to evaluate the restomods made to one car to the restomods made to another car. How can you fairly compare potentially completely different restomods and choose one winner? You’d have to come up with some convoluted criteria so that it is not completely subjective.

For the latter - I just want to point you to PDC, the competition series that died exactly because one host decided to mandate a three-car line-up in an otherwise single-car-per-round series. There was one submission, and then the series died. With the niche nature and low uptake of ARM, I fear that it would also go the way of the dodo - or at least result in a failed round.

I’m only voting for one option, as everyone else has so far - having contestants submit multiple cars each for ARM makes no sense to me.

I meant the former - you send one submission, and have a choice of what to base it on.