Arroyo Seco Raceway, Deming, New Mexico

Located just east of lovely Deming, New Mexico, northwest of El Paso, Texas, in the United States, you’ll find a flat desert track in the middle of nowhere along side of Interstate 10. Measuring an exhilarating 1.4 miles it’s a quick ride around it’s many curves, including the esses. There are two circuits in use here. Full Circuit is the previously mentioned 1.4 mile course, which includes the esses. There is also a Short Circuit which bypasses the esses for a 1.1 mile ride around the corners. And, if you’re paying attention, there is also a quarter-mile drag strip located here!

Arroyo Full (1.8 MB)

Arroyo Short (1.8 MB)

Arroyo Quarter (1.6 MB)


Is Laguna Seca still available? I tried to click the link but it’s dead on my end.

I just downloaded it from this post:

Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (flying lap)

I tried the original link at the top, and also the v2 link below the photo. Both are working fine for me.

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