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Where I will just post random car designs


That reminds me that I have such thread too… And should update it :stuck_out_tongue:
PS Offtopic: #projektragnarok

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Dank Memes ?

The meme is dankest just before the dont.

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A bit the 20’s eco car

okay probably not really economic, it got an non turbocharged 2.0 Liter Alsi Inline 4 producing 133hp

But it manages to sell good in all the three markets

thats everthing i got to say to that

A small 1972 hatchback or coupe, fitted with an small 1.2 liter inline 3 producing 54.8hp & 89.7Nm with catalytic converter or the same engine without catalytic converter producing 64.8hp & 101Nm.

Econmy wise they use about 7 liter, what is probably okay i guess xD

Here you go, another random car

By far the most expensive car i made, it cost 40.600$

Another Random Car :slight_smile:

Nearly managed a 50/50 weight distribution on this car.

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Nice car! Looks amazing, what body is it?

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Its the straal by @Razyx

Ahh thanks!