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Welcome! Here I will post all of my mods, and sometimes update/work in progress pictures.

Hope you enjoy my mods! :sparkles:

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Collection of my wheel mods


Modern 2010’s SUV Collection

My first mod collection, of 4 different size SUVs all from the same base. The SWB being 2.25m to go alongside Kei-sized cars like the Suzuki Jimny. The 2.6m wheelbase: Skoda Karoq, which the SUV model is based on. There is also the LWB version coming at 2.9m wheelbase, with sizing similar to a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Finally there is also a limousine version, coming in at a whopping 7.83m wheelbase.

Modern 2010’s SUV (2.6m) - Outdated (New version is ported to vanilla game! - Stylish SUV 09 family)

Modern 2010’s SUV (2.9m) - Outdated (New version is ported to vanilla game! - Stylish SUV 09 family)

Modern 2010’s SUV (2.2m) - Outdated (New version is ported to vanilla game! - Stylish SUV 09 family)

Modern 2010’s SUV (7.83m Limo) - Outdated, use new Stylish SUV 10 Limo



Love it! Very useful mod, can’t wait to see what you make next.

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Next up!: Dome Jiotto Caspita '89

Just the basic shape for now.


Extreme hype intesifies That shape is gorgeous, it’s reminds me of all those crazy 90’s/early 00’s concept cars like the VW Nardo and BMW M12.


Just finished up the materials & shape keys today, not too much work left besides variants and UVs (As well as actually creating the mod)

Multiple two-tone for added variety!

The yellow material is the bonnet paint, two-tone blue for the lower, and front bumper is now the top two-tone in white. (Ignore purple because that is invisible extended lips)


Jiotto Caspita body

Here it is! My Jiotto Caspita body mod. It has a variety of body styles (8 in total) as well as different morphs, and as seen in my earlier post lots of colour pallet variety too. Hope you enjoy! :sparkles:

CaspitaSuper (2.7m)


Here is the much smaller Kei-sized version too.

CaspitaSuper SWB (2.0m)



Not normally a fan of mid-engine cars myself, but that looks really, really good!

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The Jiotto supercar body’s great. I just have one issue: it appears to not have any passenger space… have you assigned the compartment?

Thank you! :sparkles:

As for the passenger bug, it is there, and works on all variants except the 360 glass for some reason. I’ve been told by someone it could be down the the recouring NaN weight error that seems to be happening.

Exactly when is this latest body of yours unlocked?

Also, is this compatible with the stable release of UE4 4.21, the open beta build, or both?

The Caspita body as noted in Steam description is unlocked at 1985 for both families. I use 4.21 open beta, so it’ll work on that. I’m not 100% sure it’ll work on just 4.21 alone.

Current project: Lamborghini Reventon '07

Here it is with the fender morphs, giving a widebody look.

Additional two-tone used again for added variety!


We already have a vanilla body resembling the Murcielago (on which the Reventon is based), but this latest mod of yours is much more suitable for building hypercars from the late-00s onward due to its edgier styling.

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Lamborghini Reventón body (Outdated version)

(NOTE: This mod is being heavily revised, as I spent too little time on it)

My third body mod! The extremely modern and angular Reventón body. Once again it has a variety of two-tone layouts, as well as 11 different variants, including 4 door, roadster, and spyder types.

ReventonSuper (2.8m)

Based upon Honda S660 dimensions, here is the Kei-car sized version!

ReventonSuper SWB (2.1m)


Wow! You’re fast!

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Just wanted to say: Thank you for doing the Jiotto Caspita. Poor car got completely overlooked in life, despite being an absolutely AWESOME machine. That Judd V10 was one of my favourite motors ever.


Great models but the SWB version has 0L for cabin size. :frowning:


As noted on Steam, the Reventon bodies are getting heavily revised for a patch as I rushed them.

I just noticed that the Caspita mod body also reminds me of the Corvette Indy and CERV III concepts. It wouldn’t take very much to build something resembling either with that particular body.

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