ARX - Designs (Car-customizing/tuning)

ARX - Designs is a tuning brand which belongs to the Ryota Motor Corp.

ARX is designing individual high quality parts , also full car models. ARX Ryota’s will be released after their initial release asap.

  • You want us to customize your car?

  • just contact ARX here in the forum. But we will need some information about your plans. Does it have to be decent? extreme? Small fixture changes?
    We also need a picture and your car’s platform file. (CARNAME.lua)

If you are unhappy with the result or want something to change , just contact us here :b

Additional information ;

  • Bodykit-list will grow as often as possible

  • You will be even able to choose from the bodykits. ((They will fit with every car) You don’t have to choose one)

Well… That’s it… for the first time. :mrgreen:

Bodykits :

front bumper

rear bumper

front bumper

rear bumper

Tuned Ryota’s Before ‘n Afters’

Senshi (before)

after (VIPER Bodykit):

Ninja (before)

after (CHAIRE Bodykit):

ARX tuned Efendi F20

before :

after (individual CHAIRE bodykit) :