Asian Car Market Challenge [Intermediate-Hard]

Have you tried making a SUV/MPV/mini-van/cross-over?

Why not make a car that can suit people who need to seat 7-8 people and yet have a comfortable ride and base it in marketa as that of Asia?

If I may, could I suggest you a challenge?

Challenge: Make a 7 seater car that can perform its duty in Asian countries by being both confortable and utilitarian in its design.

  1. The car can only be at a maximum price of $30,000.

  2. The car should be able to get 35+ mpg.

  3. The car should also utilize AWD or 4WD as some Asian countries have rough developments along the path.

  4. The car should be able to run on low quality fuel

  5. The engine must at least make 200 horsepower in any way, shape, or form.

  6. Also the car must be able to pull 3,000 pounds as if it was carrying a trailer.

This challenging is optional but you can try it if you want. Just a suggestion :smile:.

I’m assuming the trim and variant years must both be set to 2020, which is the latest the game allows.

Did you make these rules with the latest update in mind? You may find it hard to achieve without cheesing.

Its very possible, not easy.

This is to stretch the ability of what a person can do when limited to the rules.

The rules never state about emissions, safety, quality, turbos, brakes, or interior.

That said, you may find some loopholes that allow you to get a specified task done like how engine size is not in the equation, only power.

So you may be able to fit your fuel efficient yet powerful engines into a 7 seater.

Plus it’s up to player knowledge to complete a task enormous to this.

Comfort in this sense means that it isn’t wobbly or wonky when the car is driven.

Any year or trim is allowed, all that is needed are 7 seats that can be made. So a 3-2-2 seating arrangement of a 3 row vehicle may work.

You’re not restricted by the years, keep that in mind.

Comfort is a little too vague. A repro of my old IRL car was around 10, a newer real world would be 40 or more. Not wobbly is driveability.

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I guess you can say that, in the context of where these cars would drive on. It would be traversing through tough terrain and so by not being too wobbly on rough terrain would be a definition to what comfort is.

Hope this helps a bit

So basically, a car that can drive on rough terrain without too much issues

Off-road and driveability.


Somewhat like that…

Not an offroad build, but more of an all-rounder

So uh, anyone up for the challenge?

Yep just had to get my qfc11 car out first, I’ll take this on next.

Alright, cool to hear :sunglasses:

yeah, ok. I’m out. The challenge is just too cheesy. I can do it with a “race” turbo on a tiny engine, completely undriveable.

just a cursoury glance makes me think the host hasn’t even attempted it themselves.

Man there’s a reason as to why i put [intermediate-Hard] in the title. :l

It’s not hard though. It’s just not realistic. It is harder with the last update which now doesn’t cause donk wheels to have insane mpg. But a race turbo setup is a poor choice for a 7+ passenger vehicle.

Fine, I’ll raise the budget by $10K.

Ok everyone, because of the majority having issues with making the car.

I’ll increase the budget from $20K to $30K.

Power requirement is now at least 200 horsepower.

Have you made a car that meets your rules yet? If you show a few stats, perhaps?