Assoluto Automobili S.p.A (2009 Fatalita UE4 Remake)

##ASSOLUTO AUTOMOBILI S.p.A Main Company Thread

Welcome to Assoluto Automobili’s official heritage site. We are an Italian Automobiles, Motorsports and Engineering company with an incredibly rich history of producing the most desirable cars, various victories in motorsports and groundbreaking developments in the automotive world.

Brief History

Founded by the late Silvio Assoluto of Florence in 1912 as Assoluto Motorsport, a humble rag tag racing team based in a small garage a few miles away from the capital Florence, Assoluto was founded as a way for the admittedly hot headed Silvio Assoluto as a way to race in motorsports without having to drive for a team. Having found major success in the early 20s and 30s, he began to turn his attention to road cars as a way to fund future racing activites and strengthen his brand, properly foreseeing that soon motorsports will become incredibly expensive to participate in competitively. More detailed history of the company in certain time periods can be found below.

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A new supercar for a new era. The famous Assoluto Flat V8 received direct injection to produce one of the highest specific outputs out of any naturally aspirated car producing 630 HP from a 4.9 liter V8. Carbon fiber on aluminum body construction ensures the car remains very light and quick, with race derived pushrod suspension combined with all new Strato Active Suspension technology for the absolute best handling.


Engine & Transmission

Engine: 4.9 liter 90 Degree V8 flat plane 32 Valve DOHC All Aluminum Silica with Direct Injection
Bore X Stroke: 91.6 x 90.33
Compression: 12.2:1
Weight: 212.9 KG
Redline: 9000 RPM
Power: 627 HP @ 8300 RPM
Torque: 560 NM @ 7300 RPM
Transmission: ZF 6 speed F1 Dual Clutch Automated Manual with electronic differential


Length: 4490mm
Curb Weight: 1363 KG
Tires: F 265mm R 345mm Pirelli P Zero Corsa Summer Performance Tires
Brakes: F 275mm 2 piston R 310 mm 2 piston Brembo Vented Disc
Material: Carbon Fibre bodywork on aluminum chassis
Layout: Rear Mid Engine Rear Wheel Drive
Suspension: F & R Pushrod with Strato Ride Dampers and Sway Bars

Performance Statistics

Power to weight: 458 HP Per Tonne
0-60: 2.8
Top Speed: 200 MPH
1/4 Mile: 10.38 @ 138 MPH
250m Cornering: 1.51 G @ 136.1 MPH
60-0: 87 ft
Nordeschleife: 7:16.42
MRLS: 1:33.70
Automation TT: 1:58.06

When new, it was sold for $140,000 (200% Mark Up)


Ehm… “Fatalità” means “bad unpredictable thing/bad faith”… like a, you know, car accident.


I know. Means fatality right?

I got it off Ridge Racer.


Means “unexpected bad luck”.
I will never market a car with that name. Nor buy it.

Up to you.

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Can I expect a Bisonte in the future? :joy:

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also, it looks a lot like felatio… (or how ever you spell it)

It’s just that good of a car.


Afterall, as the saying goes, “Sex sells”.

Ain’t that right Ram? :grin:


Finally… Someone has managed to start a company thread about a manufacturer from the Ridge Racer series. What’s next, a company thread about a car manufacturer from Burnout Paradise (like Carson, Watson, Rossolini, Krieger, etc.)? I would like to see more of those!

As for Assoluto: What about the Promessa (the entry-level car in their lineup)? I loved that car, especially the redesigned version!


Well, it might have the most aggressive marketing strategy then :joy_cat: [quote=“abg7, post:9, topic:19599”]
Finally… Someone has managed to start a company thread about a manufacturer from the Ridge Racer series

Now we just need a Ridge Racer type of competition…

Cool car, the font matches the style of the car (love the rear also). would buy 10/10

Haiyan name isn’t that good tho but I managed to market this car out

I thought felatio looked… differently… VERY differently

Your brand new Rossolini LM Classic has been added to your garage. Find it in the nearest junkyard

Also, dude… them exhaust pipes. They’re tiny!


2014 ASSOLUTO CRINALE (.lua edited Design Excercise)

The ultimate embodiment of 90 years of motorsports experience and know how condensed into one of the greatest road cars ever built. The Assoluto Crinale is the ideal mix between new age technology and old school romanticism, an F1 derived Kinetic Energy Recovery System aiding a 7 liter V12 to produce a total of 960 naturally aspirated horsepower.

400 examples will be built at $ 1,000,000 a piece.


Engine & Transmission

Engine: 7 liter 60 degree V12 48 valve DOHC Magnesium block aluminum heads with direct injection and KERS system
Bore x Stroke: 88.7 x 94.4
Compression: 12:6.1
Weight: 263 KG
Redline: 9500 RPM
Power: 802 HP @ 8700 RPM (960 HP with KERS and Hyper Tune engaged)
Torque: 744 NM @ 7100 RPM (845 NM with KERS and Hyper Tune engaged)
Transmission: ZF 7 speed F1 Dual Clutch Automated Manual with Electronic Differential


Length: 4710mm
Curb Weight: 1353 kg
Tires: F 285mm R 385mm Pirelli Trofeo R R Compound Tires
Brakes: F 2 300mm 2 piston R 310mm 2 piston Brembo Vented Disc
Material: Carbon Fiber Monocoque with Carbon Fiber body panels
Layout: Rear Mid Engine Rear Wheel Drive

Performance Statistics

Power to weight: 709 HP Per Tonne
0-60: 2.4
Top Speed: 220 MPH
1/4 Mile: 9.18 @ 160 MPH
250m Cornering: 1.72 G @ 145.2 MPH
60-0: 82 ft
Nordeschleife: 6:41.68
MRLS: 1:26.10
Automation TT: 1:49.47
Tsukuba: 54.18

(Don’t you dare call it a Assoluto TheAssoluto)


How did you get such good cornering G’s on the Assoluto TheAssoluto?


Hot diggity that thing looks good. I’d die to hear the sound of that V12 too, I bet it bellows like a monster…

It looks absolutely amazing! How do you design cars that look as good as the Assoluto LaAssoluto?

The headlights I’m using are incredibly versatile. A must use tbh.

Also I recommend using large grilles with little colored strips to better define bumpers. It allows you to make more intricate shapes than using vents+grilles.

This is shaping up to be my favorite Automation shpoopercar company. Nice work.



Assoluto’s final gift to company founder Silvio Assoluto, who went back to the drawing board to build the ultimate sports car in his vision. Due to his motorsports background, the car was admittedly crude and incredibly unsuited for the road but the level of performance it provided during it’s time was unheard of and continues to pose a threat even to modern day supercars. Journalists have raved about it offering the single purest driving experience any supercar can provide.

Engine & Transmission

Engine: 3.5 liter 90 Degree V8 flat plane 32 Valve DOHC All Aluminum with Weber Marelli Electronic Fuel Injection with Garrett Twin Turbo
Bore X Stroke: 81.7 x 83.5
Compression: 7.1:1
Weight: 200 KG
Redline: 8000 RPM
Power: 560 HP @ 7300 RPM
Torque: 608 NM @ 5800 RPM
Transmission: 5 speed manual with mechanical differential


Length: 4370mm
Curb Weight: 1085 KG
Tires: F 205mm R 265mm High Performance Track Tires
Brakes: F 310mm 2 piston R 320mm 2 piston vented disc
Material: Aluminum bodywork on Carbon Kevlar monocoque
Layout: Reaar Mid Engine Rear Wheel Drive
Suspension: F & R Double Wishbone

Performance Statistics

Power to Weight: 516 HP Per Tonne
0-60: 3.3
Top Speed: 186 mph
1/4 mile: 10.86 @ 140 MPH
250m Cornering: 1.28 G @ 125.3 MPH
60-0: 96 ft
Nordeschleife: 7:33.07
Automation TT: 2:03.77
MRLS: 1:36.68

Price When New: $180,000