Astro/Pilot Global Automotive Company

Making a new thread because 1) I’ve done a lot of company changes since the last thread and 2) the last thread died
Astro/Pilot Global Automotive Company is a vehicle company from Texas that started in 1960. Both companies still operate. While Astro sells in America and Canada, Pilot Global handles sells in Australia, Europe, Japan, and Russia. Although Pilot Global has a totally different name than Astro, it still lets the Astro Logo soar on all it’s vehicles.
Astro sells a wide range of vehicles in America and Canada, these models are as follows:
-Mamba (Production of Mamba SUV: 1980 to present)
-Rover (Production of Rover CUV: 2005 to present)
-Macabre (Production of Macabre sedan: 1995 to present)
-Aurora (Production of Aurora sedan: 1980 to 2019)
More coming soon!
Pilot Global sells many vehicles across the globe, these models are:
Coming soon!