Atlanta Motor Speedway, Hampton, Georgia

I can’t believe, despite the fact that I actually live in Atlanta, Georgia, nobody, including me, has done this track! Well, now I have.

Presenting Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton, Georgia, USA.

This is a 1.5 mile oval track used primarily for NASCAR (I see y’all rollin’ yer eyes at me). Originally built in 1960, this is an oval turned into a quad-oval track in 1997. It also had a 2.5 mile road course, like many oval tracks over 1.5 miles, to accommodate those who also enjoy right hand turns in their racing. :wink: All kidding aside, this is a well respected track with super high banking (24 degrees to be precise) , so expect some high speeds on these banked turns.

Atlanta Motor Speedway (2.9 MB)

Atlanta Motor Speedway Road (1.4 MB)

These are both flying lap versions. Moving forward all of my tracks will be flying laps, unless otherwise stated. Enjoy!