ATT Standing Lap and Reviews in BeamNG (Submissions Closed Until Further Notice)

The Idea is really simple.
Build and PM me a car file for me to take a standing lap around Automation Test Track in BeamNG.
I will do a recording of a best out of 3 of the lap time. Then I will post the video here along with my initial thoughts on the car and how it handles and throw it on a leaderboard. So really give me one of your best cars, unless it’s a meme car, then I’ll just look at you in disappointment.

This is to get myself ready for Forza Motorsport that will come out Oct 2023.
I usually race with a controller, no assists and I’ve had some decent rankings in previous Forza Motorsport titles on the Hardcore Leaderboards.

Good Luck

PC Specs
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
ASUS X570 ROG Crosshair VIII
32GB Crucial Ballistix 3200 RAM
ASUS ROG Strix RTX 3080
1.5GB M.2 Gen4 SSD
SeaSonic ATX 750W 60+ Gold

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FWM Ruger GS-8

As a Demo, I put one of my FWM’s on the chopping block.
Laying a 2:08.65

Video Upload soon when I get better internet connection

In other words, each car gets three timed lap attempts in total, and only the fastest valid lap counts.

Do you expect only sports cars (or at least sporty) or anything goes, as long as it’s not a meme?

From eco shitboxes, sportcars, hypercars, racecars, something that brings realism

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I say best out of 3 just incase I end up wrecking the car

Do we have a limited number of cars we can enter? If so, I do have a turbocharged 80s sports compact that may be interesting to see how it does.

Send any you would like but I would suggest 2 at a time.
I do work full time and on weekends so I’ll be able to put out what I can

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I have a race car I made for another challenge that I’m updating the design :slight_smile:

The First Victim is the Nautilus Nostromo Insanity sent to me by Izzy from the Discord server


I give the styling credit where it’s due but how does it drive?
How’s 4 tons of downforce on a Open Wheel Chassis Hypercar?
The car, suffers from a lot of bouncing, the suspension is so stiff it really fights the downforce and it shows with how it bounces. Braking and Accelerating was a challenge as the car would bounce to the side under braking and if you push it too hard, the rear tires would deflate from the forces it’s pushing against, and finally it seemed the clutch liked to stick causing some delays while shifting gears.

Nonetheless after a lap of getting a feel for the car I took it for a hot lap.
First Attempt was a DNF, braking for Killrob Chicane, the car just bounced it’s way into the tire barrier and busting the front axle.
Second Attempt fared a little better this time as I completed the lap, with a deflated tire I acquired from accelerating after the kink. The time I managed was a 1:48.7, carrying the car with the flat tire was challenging without wrecking.
Now for the 3rd and final attempt, I tried my damnest to keep the car under control and not deflate any tires. And I was successful. The lap was completed, granted fighting to keep it under control during braking, the car ran the Automation Test Track in just 1:44.2!

Damn was this one challenging, but nonetheless thanks for the entry. Something to master down. Probably a little more tuning with the aero and suspension and this car will surely put out a surreal time.

(I know I said I will post a video soon, internet issues and timing currently plague me. Once I figure out an reliable internet setup and learn to edit, I shall post videos on my youtube.)


I know you did say to PM the .car files to you, but I thought that I would like some others to give them a try as well I would share them on this thread if that is okay.

First off, my TMCC28 creation; the Hemsley Meteor HRX. A sporty little Furinian hatchback with a fun feel and little secret; the engine is not in the front!|attachment (73.7 KB)

Secondly, a for fun creation; the Mallard 2.3T Aerosport. Made in the vein of late 80s US Sports Compact cars, this little firebreather sports a large capacity and turbocharged 4 cylinder pushes out 165hp straight to the front wheels. (48.1 KB)

I have actually driven both in Beam and I think they are quite fun. I do have the default settings that make driving easier so I’m not sure just how skittish the Meteor is, but I hope it not being too oversteery in the Automation charts reflect somewhat in Beam.



Mallard 2.3T AeroSport


This thing is very simple. Nothing more, nothing less. Sometimes being simple is all it takes really.
The car is very stable, doesn’t give me understeer or oversteer and power for being from 1988 is impressive. 165hp.
Very good job, my best time for the Mallard is a 2:21.9


Does what is written on the tin. My specialty.

I have a few cars that will keep me busy. However internet is being a little unreliable right now and I’m looking to get it fixed.
Not to mention I plan on streamlining this page to give better reviews.

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2023 Armuth Alsatia A650R Black Diamond

BeamNG Hot Lap - Armuth Alsatia A650R Black Diamond @ Automation Test Track - YouTube

This is 650hp out of a 1999cc engine. Talk about racing spec power in a premium car. The car is indeed fast with it’s Rear Biased AWD and 8spd DCT transmission. I would say though that maybe it has too much rear bias because this car will turn around on you if you’re really heavy with the gas pedal. But as a racer once said, “Just Pluck it in 1st, Gave it Some Jandal and Fuck Yeah!”