Audi A4 1,8T B5, aiming for 450-500hp, build thread


Posting my car here too.

Audi A4 1.8T ´95.

1.8T 4cyl Turbo engine, AEB.

Bottom end:
ARP main studs
K1 conrods
JE pistons, 81.50mm, 8.5:1 CR (first overbore)
Pro Seal pistonrings
ACL Race-bearings
Balanced and polished crankshaft
Glyco thrust bearings

Topp end:
AEB-head (ofcourse)
Victor Reinz headgasket
ARP headstuds
Supertech Valvesprings with Titanium retainers
Catcams 3658´s

3" exhaust from turbo to back
3" straight through muffler
Precision 3431E (coming soon, the end of this month
Homemade exhaust manifold (coming soon…)
External wastegate, 36mm or 40mm.

Autobahn88 Intercooler kit
VAG 115R coilpack
Nira I3+
Precision 990cc @ 3bar injector, low impedence
Deatschwerks DW300 fuelpump

Sachs PCS pressure plate
DLI-Teknik, singelmass flywheel, ~4,2kg
Balanced flywheel
Sachs PCS 4 puck solid disc
ARP bolts to flywheel
Autobahn 88 Shortshift

D2 coilovers, sport modified
Front strutbrace
034motorsport, front engine bushing with holder
034motorsport, engine mounts and tranny mounts
Weight: ~1140kg without driver (70kg) and with only ~10-15liter of fuel

IA B9 18x8" (BBS LeMans replica)
15mm spacers in the front
20mm spacers in the rear
Falken 215/40/18 ZE-912 WR tires

Goodridge steel braided brake hoses
Ferodo brake pads
Ferodo brake discs

Autometer Sport-Comp - Bosst pressure
AEM - broadband lambda
Autogauge Black - oil pressure
Autogauge Black - oil temp
Sparco Sprint V seats

Stock, clean look… Un-riced.
Audi RS4 grill
Seibon hood

Goal is to make around 450-engine horsepower, and maybe more.
It´s FWD though… hehe, highway killer?

And ofcourse… The car:

Some enginebuild photo´s:¨’
Exhaust cam. Catcams Vs Stock
Intake cam. Catcams Vs Stock
This is where I am today.

Have fun! :smiling_imp:


A small update.
I´ve now put off the cylinderhead again, I thought the company who resurfaced my head had cleaned it after, but they had not…
Thankfully I´m using ARP headstuds so I don´t have to replace them.
So I need to clean the head and pick my valves. I´m just waiting for my friend to get his tools back so I can compress the valvesprings and pick them of again. New headgasket again (OEM Elring) and valvesteams being changed aswell.
Got a few parts for the engine and car, few more things to get done befor I can start it.

I also got my package from USA, I finally recived my Precision Turbo! :smiling_imp:
Pretty funny to compare the new turbo with the old stock KKK-K03 turbo.

Enough with this english writing! Another update is coming soon…

Some pictures:
Cylinderhead is now removed again…
Also got few parts from a friend. Tial-copy 38mm external wastegate, woho! Filter and a ?idle-motor?—> is it right?, from an volvo 940 ´95.
viscous fan clutch removed, using an electric fan instead.
Stock fuelpump removed and a Deatschwerks DW300 (320 lph) is fitted.
Finally found an magnetic oil plug on ebay in UK. Was a pain the as to find here in Sweden, M26x1,5.
Ahh… And the new turbo :mrgreen: Precision 3431E ,63 A/R vs stock KKK-K03 :mrgreen:
Ahh… And the new turbo :mrgreen: Precision 3431E ,63 A/R vs stock KKK-K03 :mrgreen:
Ahh… And the new turbo :mrgreen: Precision 3431E ,63 A/R vs stock KKK-K03 :mrgreen:

I hope you guys don´t mind that I put up alot of photos… It´s easier for me to tell and show what is done instead of writing it all down.

Hejdå, vi hörs lite senare.

Loving all the photos, and that’s one BIG turbo upgrade :slight_smile:

I fear that the drivability(?) of this car will downgrade with turbo that big. Not sure how much though, but i’m sure the lag will increase greatly. Not being a judge here, i’m sure you know what you are doing. :slight_smile:

LAG LAG LAG OMG SHIFT! :smiling_imp:

[quote=“oxygen”]I fear that the drivability(?) of this car will downgrade with turbo that big. Not sure how much though, but i’m sure the lag will increase greatly. Not being a judge here, i’m sure you know what you are doing. :slight_smile:

LAG LAG LAG OMG SHIFT! :smiling_imp:[/quote]

hahaha thanks!
Well… it isn’t the smallest nor the biggest. 3431E is 57mm in both the compressor wheel and the turbine wheel, and I’m using T3 ,63 A/R Turbine Housing, there is ,48 A/R aswell which would give faster spool, but i’m afraid that there might be backpressure, revlimit is going to be set at 7800 or 8000rpm.
The turbo has a horsepower limit or flow limit of ~545hp, according to Precision. If that’s true, i’m about to find out.
I expect full boost somewhere between 3800-4500rpm.

I also bought the catcams 3658´s just becouse I want to get more horsepower like how you tune an N/A engine. So my point is that if I can make 450hp with Stock cams and the new turbo on (for an example) on 2.0bars of boost, I want the cams to help me reach the same horsepower but I can run 1,5bar instead, becouse the cam´s are going to help me a bit. So it doesn’t put so much stress on the motor or the turbo.

Sorry if my english is bad, hehe but you probably understand what I mean. :mrgreen:

Great thread i been really interested in this one :slight_smile:

thats one big turbo think i will be going for a hybrid KKK-K04

[quote=“Nevermore1983”]Great thread i been really interested in this one :slight_smile:

thats one big turbo think i will be going for a hybrid KKK-K04[/quote]

Thanks, it´s great to hear that you like it! :slight_smile:

Yepp, hehe. I think it will do the job pretty good. KKK-K04 sounds nice, I had it last year in mine too!
It made quite a huge different to be honest, of course… Anything can get better than the boring K03, backpressure deluxe.
You won´t regret it, I think you´ll like it.
A clip from my Audi when we raced an Saab 9-3 2.8T, chiptuned aswell. It´s my friend´s car. (with the K04) :mrgreen:

It ran quite ok…, had some problem in the begining of the summer when I installed the K04. Since I was running a software (BSR) which was made for the stock K03, 283cc injectors and stock MAF, it ran quite rich… We sorted the problem pretty well by using a broadbandlambda and were using ~60% E85 (ethanol) and ~40% 98octane petrol. Unfortunately, I didn´t record at the end of the summer when it ran much better. :imp:

love Saab’s my dad had a old 99 turbo lag was so bad every time turbo kick in felt like sum one had drove in to the back of you. how much has all this work on your a4 cost so far my s3 will be a very long project i have very little cash to play with until my business is off the ground.

Not a big fan of Saab myself… :blush:
The k04 itself cost ~400$, it was a chinese-copy. Total of ~1000$, I got most of the parts from my friend.


I have not done so much with the car this week, just a few things.
Me and buddy was on the scrapyard and got ourselves a quite nice valve cover. Painted it with some bodyspray (rust protection) with a very thin layer, and after that i sprayed it matte black colour. You get the rough surface. :mrgreen:

I was quite puzzled about my clutch… I ran an Sachs PCS pressure plate which is Reinforced with a 4puck solid disc. The specs on the Sachs pressure plate was: 365 lb/ft.
I will probably run a little more so I found a good clutch kit on in USA and they had a Clutch Master FX400 kit for my car. Specs on that clutch is : 445 lb/ft ~ 610nm.
Some information:
•Heavy-duty street & racing system
•Holding capacity 170% over stock
•Heavy-Duty reinforced pressure plate
•Hi-Leverage pressure ring design
•4-button pad
•Ceramic friction material
•SFI Approved on most race applications

I will soon post another update, my friend got his tools back so I can pick off my valves again and clean the head. :geek:


Looks quite good.

So that´s it, vi hörs lite senare. Ha det fint, haaaaaajjjjjj!


So it was a while ago last time I posted a new update… I´ve done a few things to the engine and also the car.
I finally got the awsome-looking valvecover which is coming from the AGN-engine. Smooth surface and looks “clean”.
I got the tools from my friend and I took of the valves and cleaned the head, the valves was fitted again with new valvesteams.

The camshaft are set after original markings, I got a little problem to find out how many degrees they are going to be set to. Normally you would measure the lift @ TDC, but it doesnt work cause the camshafts are in the way, I´ve really tried…
Found a guide when a guy is using a Digital Angle Finder to set the cams, which i´ve ordered now. Just waiting for it to come how to its new happy owner.

The clutch isen´t far away now, it´s down in Malmö (Malmo for you who don´t have the letter: ÅÄÖ…). when the clutch has arrived I can finally put the engine in the car :smiling_imp:
I also freshened up some parts of the car, painted some brakedetails, drew new brake lines to the rear calipers and next i´m going to remove the fuellines because I need to go a little bigger. I need to go 8mm all the way from the fueltank to the fuelrail. Stock is (strangely) 8mm from the tank but under the floor it runs down to 5,5mm. 450-480hp DOES need some fuel, especially with E85. :mrgreen:

Some pictures ofcourse!:
More fun to work with when it´s fresh.
Supertech dual exhaust springs, titanium retainers. Lovely <3 (Had it befor but got a picture of them when I took the valves of again)
Supertech intake spring, titanium retainers. (Had it befor but got a picture of them when I took the valves of again)
Starting to look an engine again, some plastic covers got cleaned after the pic.
If you don´t have an exhaust manifold, you´ll have to hold it like this… :imp:
Finally found an AGN valvecover! Look awsome.

Det var det, uppdaterar så fort jag fått hem eller fått gjort något skoj! Hejsvejs!


Finished some more work with the audi. I´ve put new fuel lines from the fueltank to fuelrail, 8mm inner diamater and is supposed to work well with e85.
The engine is in the car now, finally. There´s some small things I need to fix befor I can start it…

Starting to look like a car again.
Had a used trunk laying in my wardrob for about a year, it was also red but it was in quite bad condition. But my “original” trunk was rusty and I hate rust, so I took it off… threw it away and plastidip´ed the other trunk matte black and put it on. Looks good.

More updates is coming soon when i´ve finished building a new exhast manifold and some other parts

Some pictures:
(The engine is not running, there´s no oil, coolant, fuel, intake nor exhaust manifold)
I hope I wont use it…
First time plastidipin´

And ofcourse… My daily driven car, though a 1.8 N/A ´97 with only 54725 miles on it and is like 100% clean from rust. Was supposed to buy it from my moms husbands´s mom which passed away a while ago. He was going to sell and knew I was going to take good care of it, I could only pay 250$ at the time for it but got it instead as a gift on my 20years birthday last year

Just one picture I got on it when I polished and waxed it yesterday.
I know… I need some coilovers. :frowning:

Hejsvejs era korvar!


The project is moving on.

I have painted the intake manifold silver and I have installed the fuelrail with injectors.

I have also started to build a exhaust manifold with my friend. He is welding the pieces together.

Started like this, I need to know where it would fit. It was quite tricky to build it.

How it looks like, just the 2nd and 3rd cylinderpipe which is welded together to hold it in place so we could check the clearence.

All the cylinderpipes is done, I need to make an hole for the NIRA EGTC sensor and weld on a pipe for the external wastegate :smiling_imp:
Not the best picture taken…

I got some small things to do untill I can start it up.
x Build a new downpipe
x Draw new intercooler pipes from the turbo to ic
x Put on some vacuum hoses
x Fix some stuff with the electric
x Fit the airfilter somewhere…

And then I should be done to actually start it. Should be done in 2-3weeks

Hejsvejs era luder! <3 :laughing: :mrgreen:


Another small update.

Things is going quite well with the car now, just need to finish with my downpipe and then I will put on the front bumber and the headlights.
I have to finish some work with the electric aswell befor I can start it, but maybe next weekend.

Some pictures:
I have moved over to new garage, a better one.
I got a used steering wheel from my buddy, which he had in his 200sx s13,
Tight fit in these nasty 1.8t´s …
Everything is fitted just for the look, welding and cutting a new downpipe…
Also welded and painted a new intercooler pipe.
Lovely screampipe! :smiling_imp:
exhaust manifold is finished.

Tack för idag, hejsvejs

This is going to be MAD

haha thanks!

Hellu again.

A little update again.

Just some pictures:
A small picture on the car, very dusty!
Exhaust manifold is completely done, fitted on the car now.
Part of the downpipe is done…



The car is finally started.

A picture and a video:

Helluu again…

Was a while ago i updated the thread…

We have come very far with the car and it’s up and running nicely.

Are running 1bar by now, unfortunately the Engine is misfiring from 1,1bar and up… Can’t find the problem, new feeding Cables where made to the ignition coils cause with the stock Cables they only had 4-5A and they need 14-16A to run properly…

Anyway, that need to get fixed to the next summer along with Walbro 450lph E85 and 1260cc or 1680cc injectors and a LOT more boost! :smiling_imp:

The car was on the dyno 2 weeks ago. A Picture of that:
Quite happy with the numbers for just running 1bar of boost.

Some more Pictures:

There is also some videos:

One from the dyno

and the rest is on my channel on youtube:


nice build, but if you want to hit 450-500hp and keep the engine, youre pretty soon gonna need to spend some money on building a custom intake manifold, because its gonna be a big bottlenek and its gonna “air block” cyl 1 and 4 at some time in the near future

its not to be a smart ass, but have seen this so many nice VAG 20v getting ruined by a bad intake :confused:
Just my 5cents :slight_smile: