Auto Beam Championship S6 Round 4

- 2010s -
To Kei or Not to Kei

-- Deadline for .car file and pictures is this Sunday 10pm UTC --

-- Deadline for recorded laps is this Monday 10pm UTC --

How the Championship Works & Championship Rules

It is very important you fully read and understand the following document at least once. This explains how the championship works, how points are given out, along with all of the rules we will enforce. Please read this before entering any round this season, even if you have entered previous seasons as we have a few new rules, and also skim read this every round for new rules which will be highlighted in blue.

Championship Rules

Background to the Round

    Imagine this. It’s 2015 and somehow the world is burning because of something called ‘the greenhouse effect’. Now, you’re a simple man who doesn’t understand all this environmental squabble, but, you’re also a car designer for your local car brand. You’re tasked with building a quick car, but with an engine limit of 800cc. ‘800cc?!’, you exclaim. You realise that you are alone in your office and nobody has heard your exclamation. You decide that you want to impress your boss, you need that promotion really badly, that new Dodge Ram with 7 Liter Cummins turbo diesel doesn’t get there by itself, it needs to be paid! So you decide to get cracking to create the best tiny-engined car you can, the size doesn’t matter after all, it is what you do with it. Right? RIGHT?!?!

Aesthetics Brief

    The aim for this round is to create a competitor to the sporty (Kei) cars with tiny engines, think about the Honda S660 for example. Small, quick and modern. Simple ingredients but a difficult recipe. Try to make it look quick and quirky, like the (Kei) cars it is rivalling.

    For every round we want you to vote for the cars between 1 - 10. Please take into account the creativity of the build. In this way we can assure that people don`t always vote for the boring but good looking cars, but creativity is also considered for the builds.

    For example, you could ask yourself these questions:

    • Does it fit the round? I.e. does the car fit the brief below?
    • Is it a quality build? Is the level of detailing and fixture work impressive?
    • Do I like how it looks? This final question is where personal taste comes in

Scoring for the Round

    • Fastest recorded beamng time trial lap time on Industrial Site Warehouse Run by the team`s driver(s).
    • Automation Scores Calculation
      • Light Sport Budget (in Frunia)
      • Fuel Economy
      • Is it a Kei Car? (If your car meets kei car regulations, it opens up a new segment to sell in, so you will have a higher “market” score)
    • The aesthetics vote - each team should submit 2 pictures of their car for aesthetics voting

Automation Rules


    • Car trim year - Must be between 2010 and 2020
    • Tyre choice - No semi slicks
    • Pad type - Max 60
    • Wings - Max 1
    • Spoilers + lips - Max 4 (together)
    • Seats - Min 2 full size seats
    • Sliders - Between -3 to 3
    • Max price - $25,000
    • Max full car engineering time - 150 (please use this number, not the engine or trim number)
    • Min light sport budget - 100


    • Engine variant year - Must be 2010 - 2020 (must not exceed car trim year)
    • Race parts (including DCOE) - Must be none
    • Engine stress - Must be 0%
    • Max displacement - 800cc
    • Max cam profile - Turbo engines is 35, NA engines is 85
    • Max boost - 1 bar/14.5 PSI
    • Catalytic converter - Must have
    • Max full car engineering time - 150 (please use this number, not the engine or trim number)
    • Sliders - Must be between -3 and 3

    Kei Car Rules

    To meet the kei car rules for the challenge to get the market boost, you’ll need to follow these strict rules. If you don’t pass just one of these, you will not get the boost. Be careful with morphs on kei car bodies, as this may extend the car beyond the limits.

    • Max length - 3.40m
    • Max width - 1.5m (slightly higher than irl)
    • Max displacement - 660.0cc
    • Max power - 63.0hp

DISCLAIMER: To enter this competition, you MUST join the Automation Beam Championship Discord server. You can sign up for the competition over there.

I’m sure this is a common question but regarding running the stable branch of the game. It says you’ll be disqualified if you run mods or bodies only for the open beta. So if you use parts available in the stable branch could we use a car built in the open beta?

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Since 3D fixtures give an advantage, and they are impossible for us to police, we don’t let this right now sadly. If people are stuck in OB we can make adjustments, and we are looking to switch to OB when the exporter is fully functional!

Are there any limits on wheelbase for Kei cars? I suspect that there are such restrictions in real life.

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Good news, everyone!
Bermag (non existing company lore) built a KeiCar Engine+Transmission and its up to sale.
Be fast and ping me in Automation Discord (Ryan93) Show me your car and maybe you will be the lucky one with a lucky Bermag Engine.

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There might be, but for simplicity we kept the rules simple, like making the width wider by 2cm, and not judging height