Auto Beam Championship S6 Round 5

- 1990s -
F1 Engined MPV's

-- Deadline for .car file and pictures is this Sunday 10pm UTC --

-- Deadline for recorded laps is this Monday 10pm UTC --

How the Championship Works & Championship Rules

The map this round is a mod, on Suzuka, the famous F1 track that was known famously in the late 80’s/early 90’s for lots of controversial season enders. The time trial seems to have some slight issues. You must select 1 lap, flying lap, otherwise there will be issues. It may also crash your game when quitting the time trial too for some reason, but it seems like once running there are no issues. If this proves to be a problem, we may change the map.

Championship Rules

Background to the Round

    Imagine this. It’s 1990 and you are literally boring yourself to death at your desk job at your local car manufacturer. You wish you could do something meaningful and fun to truly help the world become a better place. So what you do is the following, logical next step. You take huge amounts of cocaine in the company bathroom, I’m talking literal bags full. It’s the nineties after all. Then you get it, the vision, the only solution to better not only your life, but the life of everyone on this planet. The Hyper-MPV. Why wouldn’t you take the practical 9-seater family car, rip half the seats out, plonk a formula one engine in the place of the boring 4-pot and go do some laps goddamnit. Your boss seems to love the plan, but that is probably because he is like a human vacuum cleaner who only cleans up drugs through his nose. Who knows. Anyway, the plan still stands, go ahead and create a masterpiece.

Aesthetics Brief

    The aim for this round is based on the Renault Espace F1. It’s a normal MPV, but fully and entirely customised to fit an actual Formula-1 engine in it. Go make something crazy you beautiful disaster. I mean wings, wacky colours, spoilers and vents. I want to see all the no-go’s for normal MPV’s and I want them now!

    For every round we want you to vote for the cars between 1 - 10. Please take into account the creativity of the build. In this way we can assure that people don`t always vote for the boring but good looking cars, but creativity is also considered for the builds.

    For example, you could ask yourself these questions:

    • Does it fit the round? I.e. does the car fit the brief below?
    • Is it a quality build? Is the level of detailing and fixture work impressive?
    • Do I like how it looks? This final question is where personal taste comes in

Scoring for the Round

Automation Rules


    • Car trim year - Must be between 1989 - 1994
    • Body type - Must be MPV (people mover)
    • Seat rows - Must have 3 (you don't need to use all 3, the body just must allow for 3 rows)
    • Drive type - Must be RWD
    • Wings - Max 3
    • Spoilers + lips - Max 4 (together)
    • Seats - Must have at least 4 full size seats (not +2)
    • Power steering - Must be none
    • Sliders - Between 0 to 8


    • Engine variant year - Must be 1989 - 1994 (must not exceed car trim year)
    • Engine stress - Must not exceed 20%
    • Max displacement - 4,000cc
    • Turbo - Must be none
    • Sliders - Must be between 0 and 8

DISCLAIMER: To enter this competition, you MUST join the Automation Beam Championship Discord server. You can sign up for the competition over there.