Auto Beam Championship Season 8 Round 1

DISCLAIMER: To enter this competition, you MUST join the Automation Beam Championship Discord server. You can sign up for the competition over there.

- 2020s -
Track Ready Family Friendly Cars

-- Deadline for .car file and pictures is 19th March 10pm UTC --

-- Deadline for recorded laps is 22nd March 10pm UTC --

How the Championship Works & Championship Rules

Championship Rules

Background to the Round

    Imagine this: After giving birth to 2 annoying children that are probably called Finn and Sophie or some basic name, you’ve finally got enough money for a fun track day car. But ya can’t have all the fun, you have your lazy husband (Greg) and you have to sometimes bring your kids to school so they don’t turn out like Greg. So you need to make sure it’s somewhat comfortable and practical, you know, for soccer practice, grocery hauls and human trafficking on sunday evening. I mean you need four seats for that. Bigger is better in this aspect, but your kids don’t need legs right? They can fit in the back of an Evora right? RIGHT??

    Oh btw, if you can beat the FWD NĂĽrburgring record you get a bonus! Companies have been battling for the bragging rights to this prize, which you could bore all your non-car guy friends with!

Aesthetics Brief

    You can go small, light, and (barely) 4 seats like an Evora (and make Greg sad), or something big, heavy and practical like an Audi RS6 Avant, which Greg might love, or you can try and go for middle ground with some sort of hot hatch, like a Fiesta ST, Honda Civic Type R, or Hyundai Veloster N.

    For every round we want you to vote for the cars between 1 - 10. Please take into account the creativity of the build. In this way we can assure that people don`t always vote for the boring but good looking cars, but creativity is also considered for the builds.

    For example, you could ask yourself these questions:

    • Does it fit the round? I.e. does the car fit the brief below?
    • Is it a quality build? Is the level of detailing and fixture work impressive?
    • Do I like how it looks? This final question is where personal taste comes in

Scoring for the Round

    • Fastest recorded beamng time trial lap time on Hirochi Raceway Forgotten Race 2
    • Automation Scores Calculation
      • Average of top 3 of following markets (Frunia)
        • Family Sport
        • Fun
        • Fun Premium
        • Sport Budget
        • Sport
      • Beating the FWD NĂĽrburgring Lap Record in Automation (7:40.10)
      • Sportiness
      • Cabin + Cargo Volume (from body selection page, so unaffected by morphs
    • The aesthetics vote - each team should submit 2 pictures of their car for aesthetics voting

Automation Rules

    Full Car (Applies to trim and engine)

    • Car trim year - Must be between 2020
    • Sliders - Between -3 to 3
    • Price - Max $50,000
    • Markets - Min 100 in Fun (Frunia)


    • Pad type - Max 80
    • Wings - Max 2
    • Wing rule adjustments (see championship rulebook) - Wing rule 4.1 - For front wings (yellow zone) the percentage is 25% instead of 40%
    • Spoilers + lips - Max 4 (together)
    • Seats - Min 4 seats, min 2 full size seats
    • Fuel economy - At least 10 km/L (10 L/100km, 23.521 MPG US, 28.248 MPG UK)


    • Engine stress - Must ve none
    • Max displacement - 3,000c for Turbo, 6,000cc for NA
    • Catalytic converter - Must have


Just because it’s an optional target doesn’t mean that the submitted car actually has to be FWD, does it?

Besides, why omit the catalytic converter? Even race cars have to use them nowadays.

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I believe that’s a typo as the ruleset I’m working off from the AutoBeam discord reads: Catalytic converter - Must Have

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Yup, you can go any drive type you like.

The cat was a typo, that should be “must have”, thank you