Auto Corporation of America | 1956-60 ACA Corona

Auto Corporation of America

EST. 1931

Keeping America Moving

Company Overview

Founded in 1931, ACA was formed when Lansing Motor Company acquired Montpelier Luxury Motor Works and Barnhart Tractor Company, both of which had gone into liquidation following the Great Depression.

Based in Lansing, Michigan, ACA is one of the largest US auto companies with over 190,000 employees around the world. Within ACA are four divisions, Montpelier Luxury Division, ACA Light Truck Division, ACA STO Performance as well as Auto Corporation of Australia.

Detailed Company Lore (TBF)

Detailed Company Lore

Important Companies

Lansing Motor Company

Founded in 1900 by Landen Stevenson. Stevenson would use the money he made from his father's bicycle shop to expand into the automotive industry. By 1925, Lansing Motor Company was one of the largest automotive companies in America and in 1931, Lansing Motor Company would purchase both Montpelier Luxury Motors and Barnhart Tractor Company forming Auto Corporation of America, or ACA.

Montpelier Luxury Motor Works

Founded in 1878, Montpelier Luxury Motor Works were originally luxury coach builders who would eventually diversify into manufacturing luxury automobiles. By 1910, Montpelier were famous in the US for making quality cars as well as modifying chassis. However by the 1920s, the company started running into financial trouble and in 1931 would be bought out by Lansing Motor Company to form ACA.

Barnhart Tractor Company

Founded in 1842, Barnhart Tractor Company initially began manufacturing farm equipment such as steam traction engines. By the turn of the century, Barnhart Tractor Company would begin manufacturing tractors and crawler tractors powered by the internal combustion engine, during WW1 they would help manufacture French FT17 tanks for use with the US and French armies. However, by 1929, Barnhart would suffer badly and in 1931, Lansing Motor Company would purchase the company.

Auto Corporation of Australia

Originally called the Darwin Automotive Group, Auto Corporation of Australia would be founded in 1926 as an Australian Division of the Lansing Motor Company. The company would eventually be renamed Auto Corporation of Australia (ACA Australia) in 1945.

Caliban Motor Company


Merciel S.A


Nishima Motor Company


MEN Nutfahrzeug AG


Important People

Bailey Read

The last CEO of Lansing Motor Company and the first CEO of ACA, Bailey Read oversaw the merger between Lansing, Montpelier and Barnhart in 1931. Born and raised in Detroit in 1873, Read would become CEO of Lansing Motor Company in 1924 and would retire in 1938.

Kingston Conway

The second CEO of ACA, Kingston Conway was born on July 10th 1902 in Cape Town. He would become the CEO of ACA in 1938 and would remain in that position until 1966. He created the partnership between ACA and Caliban and would remain good friends with Lord Mach I until his death in 1977.

Lord Mach I


John Emery

Lead designer for Montpelier Luxury Motor Works, John Emery was born in Lansing 1904. He would start working for Montpelier in 1924 as a designer before being promoted to lead designer in 1927. In 1931, he would join ACA as the lead designer until his death in 1950 due to polio.

Denver Andrews


Lord Mach II


Samuel Salazar


Benjamin Whittingmore


Audie Whittingmore


Aleichem Ackermann


Early Beginnings


Post War

70s Fuel Crisis

80s Optimism



2008 Financial Crisis

2010 Onwards

Previous Logos

Previous Company Logos



Montpelier Logo

Automobile Timeline

For those interested in looking at the ACA Group’s automobile timeline click here.

Important Cars (TBF)

1951-56 ACA Corona/ ACA Rio Grande/ Montpelier Crown Cavalry

1956-60 ACA Corona/ ACA Rio Grande/ Montpelier Crown Cavalry

1955 ACA Apache GT/Roadster

1965-1975 ACA RoadCruiser/ ACA Rio Grande/ Montpelier Cavalry


Note: No longer canon


I have to say, it’s such a good looking car with unique underpinnings and a great story behind it. Love it :ok_hand:


A muscle car that actually turns?


The style has carried over really well in EU4. Back looks really good now.

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If ever I needed proof that the Chevalier was worth remaking in the UE4 release, this is it. It looks even better than it did previously!

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Note: No longer canon


Well since UE4 is now more playable, Ive decided to completely overhaul OAM lore to the point that anything before this post (except the OP) is no longer canon.

Very nice car - the coolest thing about it is the movie poster, though.

The Chevalier now looks a lot better… I reckon it would be a real rival to the Maine Imperator on looks alone!

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Note: No longer canon

Several quick Photoshops later…

Extra Images

As for the original screenshots,

Original Screenshots


Really like that one - has a nice, planted stance to it without looking silly aggressive.

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This is very sexy. Love the period correctness

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Great designs, loved the attention to the details.

A late Christmas Present from ACA: 2018 ACA Chevalier II

More info to come at NAIAS 2018. See ya there :wink:


The rear lights are just… BOOOSH! Instant boner.

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I know what this might be…and I’ll say it’s looking just as sexy as it should :wink: really neat looking coupé!

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That thing reminds me of an SRT Viper for some reason, side pipes and all. And I would expect a convertible version of it as well!

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