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I think it would be useful to have all subcompact cars in one thread, so we can compare what is available to prospective buyers. This thread is for subcompact cars (A and B segment, city cars). Cars in this section compete with Audi A1, BMW 1 series, Ford Fiesta, Fiat 500, Honda Jazz/Fit, Toyota Yaris/Echo etc.

To post in this directory, please only post once (just edit your post instead of making a new post if you have something new). Your post MUST contain

  • a link to your car in your manufacturer’s thread (must contain stats, not just picture of car)
  • A short description of your car. This can be a short blurb if you want, but it must contain information such as doors, seats, drivetrain etc. eg a Lexus LFA would be a 2 door 2 seater 6 speed RWD coupe
  • If your linked car post does not contain the available engines your car can come with, post a link to the post which contains your engine. Engine screenshot in your linked post must contain the green stat box and cost
  • Engine size and configuration, power and torque at rpms, mbtf eg 4.8L V10, 412 kW @ 8700rpm, 480nm @ 6800rpm. Preferably you would post both metric and imperial units as users are from all over the world, but you don’t have to. You could also say 432nm @ 3700-6800rpm instead, if you think your engine is particularly notable for having a wide torque band.
  • Engine cost. Work this out my multiplying the man hours by 25 and add that to the material cost
  • You may post screenshots, but they are not necessary. If you choose to post images of every variant, please cut the images down so they don’t take up too much screen space.

So for example your post may look like
Fiat 500: 3 door, 4 seater FWD coupe. In this instance, the gearbox depends on the variant
(link to your original post which your revealed the 500. This post must contain your cars stats.)
A short blurb if you want, but not necessary.

Available Engines:
1.2L: 1.2L 8v SOHC I4, 51kw/68hp @ 5500, 102Nm/75lb-ft @ 3000, mbtf 72842km, $4800,
1.4L Multi air: 1.4L 16v DOHC Turbocharged I4, 75kw/101hp @ 6500, 133Nm/98lb-ft @ 4000, MBTF 68,000km, $5560
(link to your original post which contains your engine if your car post has no engine details. This post must contain your engine’s stats)

Variant information:
Fiat 500: 3 door, 4 seater 5 speed FWD coupe, 1.2L engine
Fiat 500 Abarth: 3 door, 4 seater, 6 speed FWD coupe, 1.4L Multi air

Present the variants the best way you think will be most understandable.

Please do NOT post in this thread if it does not contain links to your cars (which contains full stats) as I want to keep this thread relatively clean.