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I think it would be useful to have all high end sports cars in one thread so we can compare what is available to prospective buyers. This thread is for supercars cars. Cars in this section compete with Aston Martins, Ferraris, Lamborghinis etc. As a guide, say 500hp+ belong in this thread. Anything else should go in the sports car directory - there is a grey area; is a GT-R, 911, Corvette a supercar? It is up to you whether your creation is a supercar or belongs in the sports car thread. Hyper cars (say 800hp+) should go in here.

To post in this directory, please only post once (just edit your post instead of making a new post if you have something new. That way your entire lineup can be seen in one post). Your post MUST contain

  • a link to your car in your manufacturer’s thread.

  • the engines you car can come with or the variants + any notable information you want eg power, economy etc

  • Expected MSRP.

  • If you choose to post images of every variant of your car, please cut the images down so they don’t take up too much screen space.

If your manufacturer post doesn’t include the three stats pages for your car, then you should post all three as screenshots in your post in this thread. Same for engine stats

Present the variants the best way you think will be most understandable.

Please do NOT post in this thread if it does not contain links to your cars (which contains full stats) as I want to keep this thread relatively clean.

See my post below as an example; because my linked post has screenshots of all the stats, I haven’t included them here, but you can if you want to; I just want to keep this thread clean so it is a one stop place to look at all the super cars created.

If in doubt, please don’t “showcase” your cars, err on the side of simplicity. If people want more detail, they can go to your link.

Issues that have featured cars in this directory:

January 2015

Aurora Manticore: 2 door, 2 seater AWD coupe

Available engines:
Manticore: 4.8L 32v DOHC V8, 554hp@8000rpm, 507Nm@7300rpm, reliability: 77.1, production units: 129.0, $2719.74

Variants (and base MSRP):
Manticore: production units: 251.91, material cost: 16678.60, MSRP $99,999

Post Deleted

[size=150]Rennen Kusanagi R[/size]

2.8L inline-6 cylinder, 599 HP (447 KW) @7500 RPM, 550 lb-ft (746 NM) @4800 RPM, 8500 RPM Redline.
2-door Mid-engine 4WD Coupe, 6-speed sequential gearbox.
2617 lbs (1187 kgs), 75 reliability, 24 MPG, 860 production units, $59,732 (€48,255) (£38,110) to produce, MSRP of $75,000 (€60,600) (£47,850)

Link: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=5147

[size=200]Battlecruiser Battalion “Kirishima”[/size]

Engine: “Iron Kongō Class” 6.6L DOHC DI 32V X-Plane V8, 730HP @ 8000rpm, 713Nm @ 6700rpm, redlines at 8300rpm. (270.7 Production Units, $3693.59, Reliability 74.8)
2-door front engine, rear wheel drive luxury grand tourer, 7-speed manual gearbox.
2645kg, 61.3 reliability, 14.16litres/100km, 374.72 Production Units, $30099.84 to produce, MSRP of $65’000.

One singular model, outfitted with hand made interior, equipped with luxury infotainment, every driver aids available, and advanced 10s safety.

Link: Just the engine, and overall specs. Car image provided below.

[size=200]Battalion’s Emden Rage[/size]

Class: Muscle Car
More information: Click Here

5800cc Naturally Aspirated MOHV Crossplane V8 “Rage” engine, 638hp
Retail Price: $63’500
Mass: 1641.2kg
0kmh to 100kmh: 4.4 seconds
Top Speed: 325kmh (Naturally limited)

[size=200]Battalion’s Tenryuu Kai[/size]

Class: Supercar
More Information: Click Here

5000cc Naturally Aspirated DOHC Flatplane V8 “Orion Mk.II” engine, 555hp
Retail Price: $92’500
Mass: 1017.3kg
0kmh to 100kmh: 2.9 seconds
Top Speed: 347kmh (Naturally limited)

Well, since the necrobump, and since my car was pitted against the Aurora Manticore above, in the magazine above, I might as well include links to my car, the ZX53GT as well. Click the link or image below and scroll down in the first post to find the car.

I would like to add, this car is not a supercar. It is a modern muscle car with some road capability. It won’t take you through the curves like a Porsche 911 GT3, but it will throw you back into the comfy seats and tingle your ears with glorious road music. It is a drivers car, and as such, isn’t going to be competing against any modern supercars with electronic everything.

Swanson Motorsports Engineering

This car is part of the ZX series of cars. Specifically, this one is a 327 cubic inch (5.3L) , pushrod head (OHV) model which is naturally aspirated and features 452hp @ 6600rpm. Tuning engines, I can do. Tuning suspensions, well that is another story altogether. There was also a 400 cubic inch(6.6L) version, and an insane 7.4L twin-turbo version. I believe the tested version of the ZX53GT was a redesigned rear faschia (round tail lights), but otherwise this is Johnny-on-the-spot. This was also pre-Steam, so of course, these cars will no longer load in Automation. :wink: The newest creation from SME is the Bakeneko, also in the Swanson Motorsports Engineering thread I linked above.

Also, a big huge thank you to utopian201 for doing the above writeup which was absolutely amazing! :slight_smile:

You want car? I give you car.

Love the design. So much detail, such a good look.

The 2005 Centauri Banshee, supercar performance at sports car price.
0-60mph: 3.3 seconds
1/4 mile: 11.46@125mph
Top speed: 201mph
Transmission: 6 speed sequential shift, mid engine AWD, viscous LSD
Powerplant: 536hp 5.3 liter 32 valve DOHC MPFI V8 running on premium 95 ron
Total cost: $15737
Dealer price: $48,000

a limited run of CPV-R trim level were also available.
0-60mph: 2.9 seconds
1/4 mile: 10.26@141mph
Top speed: 218mph
Transmission: 6 speed sequential, mid engine AWD, geared LSD
Powerplant: 800hp twin turbocharged 5 liter 24 valve DOHC MPFI V8 running on premium 95 ron
Total cost: $18751
Dealer price: $65,000* (plus $2100 gas guzzler tax)

Latest ManHell’s super sport car.

Conquista TWR

More info here.

This car is the “Syron Karion Sovereign edition”. it is a limited edition of the Syron Karion C (originally made by Vri404), built from “body in white” state by Kraft Haus Technik. Almost every part of the original car has been changed or improved. It’s got a limited run of 45 vehicles.

This car is powered by a 6.3 liter pushrod v8, with 2 valves per cylinder, which boasts a moderate by supercar standards 655hp and 640nm of torque, redlining at 8000 rpm. This is fed to the street legal semi-slicked rear wheels through a 6 speed manual and 0-60 takes 4.1 seconds, with the top speed reaching 310 kph. Top Gear test track is dispatched in a moderately brisk 1:19.7, which is not a bad result for the 1.6 ton weighing super coupe. It’s listed price is just over $100,000
more information and pictures on the car is found here - click