Auto Trends Magazine Submission Series

So i tought i open this up i did start becoming lazy to do my own cars,i tought i open this magazine submission series i will be making,anyway imma start this off quickly
OK so our first challenge

•The challenge rules will be:
•anything that falls under;Sport,Light Sport
•Between the years:1970-2013
•The limit of price is:25 K with 30% markup
•Engines need to have at least 100 hp
•your cars need a baseline story at the very least,i can write down a story for you but i reccomend you typing your own,would save me time mostly

Extra notes:i need your .car file to run test and take pictures

Cars that look good will most likely to be in the final product (when i edit the magazine xd)
i hope i made any kinda of sense xd

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Does this mean that 70s and 2010s cars will be competing against each other?

Depending on how many entries i get till i think is enough,maybe but i don’t want to i kinda wanna do a shape of “best 70’s,80’s,90’s,00’s” get it,BUT if i get like 3 entries and plus my own creations then i will proprably do 70s against 10s…now you made me remenber something

Is that automation only, or beamng tests as well?