AutoBeam Screens Patcher

Export your Automation cars with working screens!

Exporting working screens directly from automation is currently not supported by the official exporter
In view of this I have created a patcher and a fixture mod that enables the screens on your exported cars

How this works

To make use of the features you require the following:

  • The fixture mod from the Automation workshop which you can find here
  • The patcher program which you can find here (make sure to download the latest version)
  • .NET Framework 4.5 or newer (should come pre-installed on all versions of Windows starting Win7)

How to use the patcher on your car

Using the modded fixtures

Once you have downloaded the mod off Steam Workshop you will find the screen fixtures in the Misc category. When you put one of the screen fixtures onto your car it will spawn facing away from you and might seem invisible, turn your camera around to see its front side. The textures on these fixtures might look weird or distorted, that will not be the case once you patch the car in BeamNG.
Having placed the screen(s) where you desire export the car to BeamNG and, when the exporting process is done, unpack the generated archive (I highly recommend using BeamNG’s mod manager if you don’t know what you are doing).

Using the patcher

Download the patcher and unzip it, then launch the .exe. The patcher will notify you if a new version of the patcher or of its modules is available (more about updates further below).
Once the program starts you will be greeted with the following menu:
Click Browse and the program will prompt you with a file selection dialog. There you should navigate to your unpacked car and select the car’s main .JBeam file. The main .JBeam file will carry the Car Name you’ve set in Automation’s exporting screen.
When that is done the Patch! button will become available. Upon pressing it the patcher will go through your car to find all screens from the mod you’ve exported the car with. If everything goes successfully the patcher will notify you about the patch being complete and will create backups of the original files.

If the program successfully patched your car upon loading the car in BeamNG you should see the screens working correctly.


The mod is using vanilla BeamNG screens, which comes with a level of limitation
The Soliad Wendover gauge screen will not adjust to your engine’s parameters, so the tachometer might not match your rev limiter.
In the case of the Cherrier Vivace screen there are options to tune some of these values directly from the parts menu. Aside from the vanilla BeamNG options for the screen setup the patcher also includes custom speedometer and tachometer setups that can be altered more precisely in the tuning menu:

Updating the patcher

The patcher is using a module system for the different patches so that in case a patch is getting updated or added you would not require to update the entire program

Thus, there are 2 types of patcher updates:

  • Software updates for the patcher itself
  • Package updates for the modules

The patcher will notify you if an update of either type is available but will NOT update automatically.

Software updates

If you would like to use a newer version of the patcher simply download the latest release on github and delete the old version.

Module updates

If you wish to update the modules the process is as simple as getting the updated set of modules here, downloading the packages as ZIP and replacing your outdated modules with the newly downloaded ones

Note: When a package update is released the latest github patch release also gets upgraded with the update, instead of replacing the packages manually you can simply download the latest release as well