Autocraft Industries

Welcome to Autocraft Industries! A long standing nameplate behind a somewhat forgettable stable of sporting automobiles. We at Autocraft are the (self-proclaimed) premier manufacturer of the kind of cars that make you say “Oh yeah, that thing was kind of cool.”

If that sounds like your kind of car, stick around. We’ll be starting things off by taking a look at some of Autocraft’s classic offerings from years long passed.

Ah yes. The 70s. Multiple energy crises, increasingly stringent safety regulations, the leaded fuel ban, and the rise of the catalytic converter. The world was trying its best to beat automotive performance into the ground. None of that was going to stop Autocraft from designing and unveiling arguably one of their finest cars ever. Introducing the 27RR. 2.7 liters, rear engine, and rear wheel drive. Who needs good gas mileage when you have a car as quick and potentially lethal as this?


The 27RR’s older brother. What’s there really to say? It’s an RR from a simpler time. A time where the fuel was leaded and engines weren’t strangled by emissions regulations. That being said, the 18RR lacks the balance of its younger sibling, meaning you’re even more likely to end up sideways careening towards a ditch when you get a little too cocky.


The 27 RR is suffering the fate of all cars made on that body. They’re just way too Porsche 930 Flachbau. The 18RR is a good one though, I really like.

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