Automation 4.27 Graphic Hardware blocked

Sometimes when I’m in automation, without prior notice it freezes and in the windows notifications section I get a message from (configuration) and it says that the graphics hardware has blocked the card to Automation and seconds later it closes or I have to manually go to task manager and finish the process.
Sorry of my english, i’m not a native speaker

Can you post a screenshot of the message you’re seeing? Thanks.

Application access to graphics hardware is blocked.
AutomationGame application was blocked from accessing graphics hardware.

And a note, it usually happens to me when exporting a vehicle.

What graphics card are you using?

Nvidia RTX 2060 6GB

Moreover I get a message saying “internal thread was destroyed while executing” or something like that

Alright, does this only happen while exporting cars, or does it happen at other times in Automation?

Only while exporting cars

And I also have a question, but it doesn’t have to do with the problem, it’s just out of curiosity. Why when I export a car to does it sound totally different? For example, a V6 at 60º in the automation sounds like a 6 inline a bit muffled, the backfires sounding like a Boom!! Boom!! and in BeamNG it sounds like a Ferrari V6 and the backfires sound more like Pop!! Pop!!

Are you using any mods at all in the export cars that are giving you problems, specifically material mods or mods with extensive custom materials?

You can tell if a mod is using custom materials if you don’t see the materials it is using in any other mods.

Differences in how both games interpret sounds. It’s not something we have total control of, and what we do have control of, we really don’t like changing unless it’s very obvious there’s something wrong.
Otherwise…if we change the sounds to please someone, it’s guaranteed to upset someone else.

After spending a few days exporting cars to beamng and uninstalling a metallic paint mod, it hasn’t happened to me again. And regarding the question of the sounds, I’m sorry for my ignorance, I realized that they are the vanilla sounds of the LCV 4.2 and what happened to me is that I missed the sounds of the LCV 4.1. And now I wanted to ask you if I can change the sound of the automation cars, well, on my own I have tried it and I have ended up with corrupted .zip files, since you are a dev, I suppose you know the procedure.