Automation Auto Show Schedule 2021

Let’s hope these events don’t get cancelled! Also hope you enjoy the new look.

Auto Shanghai

Press Dates: Apr. 21 2021 - Apr. 28 2021

Los Angeles Auto Show

Press Dates: May 21 2021 - May 31 2021

Goodwood Festival of Speed

Press Dates: July 8 2021 - July 11 2021

Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

Press Dates: Aug. 18 2021

New York International Auto Show

Press Dates: Aug. 20 2021 - Aug. 29 2021

69th International Motor Show Germany (Munich Auto Show)

Press Dates: Sept. 7 2021 - Sept. 12 2021

Motor Bella

Press Dates: Sept. 22 2021 - Sept. 23 2021

Tokyo Motor Show

Press Dates: Oct. 20 2021 - Oct. 31 2021

Specialty Equipment Market Association Show (SEMA)

Press Dates: Nov. 2 2021 - Nov. 5 2021

If there are any auto shows or events I have missed, please let me know. I won’t add an auto show if it’s not one which is culturally significant i.e. local auto shows, international auto shows without regular car releases, etc.


Geneva :cry:


chicago auto show

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I think any of the shows listed below would qualify.

Of course that’s contingent on whether they are canceled (or even planned to be held) this year.

Will there be any auto shows from the past this year?

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Erm…Tokyo’s cancelled, boys.


In light of that, inserting some historical motor shows from past eras as replacements for any canceled shows would be a good idea:

I hope there are.

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How about the Bolonga motor show? We could even hold a indoor trophy of our own with performance cars, in automation or beam. I think if we put a spin on it, say a shootout tournament with the various cars that people brought, it could be pretty fun.

If that were to happen, the cars would have to be placed in different classes, in which case there would be multiple class winners, plus an overall champion - and that is an idea I can agree with.

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I’m down with that, hatchback class, concept class, etc.
You think people should be limited to what they could bring or should people be allowed to enter multiple cars into the different categories? :thinking:

One car per category would make most sense. To that end, you could consider limiting entrants to a set number of categories - probably no more than two or three.

Isn’t the LA Auto Show on the 19th of November?

Here is an idea for another one to add:

What do you think?


Now that would be fun. The question is, though, how to classify the cars as “ordinary”.

Hey all! A quick little update concerning the shows.

All upcoming events will be canceled indefinitely, until the next feature update of Automation: The Car Company Tycoon Game is released. Bazinga!

Once they return however, there will be multiple new and exciting updates and changes I can’t wait to share with ya’ll! Cya soon, stan buckner & garcia