Automation Beam Championship Season 7 Round 1

- 2000s -
Shed Supercars

-- Deadline for .car file and pictures is this Sunday 10pm UTC --

-- Deadline for recorded laps is this Monday 10pm UTC --

How the Championship Works & Championship Rules

It is very important you fully read and understand the following document at least once. This explains how the championship works, how points are given out, along with all of the rules we will enforce. Please read this before entering any round this season, even if you have entered previous seasons as we have a few new rules, and also skim read this every round for new rules which will be highlighted in blue.

Championship Rules

Background to the Round

    Imagine this: you’re in England (well you could be elsewhere but England is objectively the best place for crazy shed supercars that do not work) in 2001 and your name is Kent or Hugh or whatever. You want your small sports car manufacturing team of five people (three of which are called Gary) to make a supercar. But, the thing is, you’ve only got 30 grand, and half a university degree between the five of you. But, Gary 2 has once made a fibreglass swimming pool in his neighbours garden, so he knows his way around some rollers and a bit of glue. So, you grab a bunch of cool and hip performance parts from other major manufacturers (without telling them of course) and shove them between a few pipes, and there you go! Your shed supercar is done. No need for any fancy engineering like the big supercar makers. ABS? TC? Monocoque chassis? What are those weird things? Now, let’s hope it works and does not catch fire, or fall apart…. Or kill you.

Aesthetics Brief

    For this round we’re looking for a simple formula: cool looks (make sure it does not look too high-end! We’re working with 30k here), cool sound and some performance. Dodge Viper, Noble M15, TVR Sagaris, Corvette C5 or anything else can be inspiration.

    For every round we want you to vote for the cars between 1 - 10. Please take into account the creativity of the build. In this way we can assure that people don`t always vote for the boring but good looking cars, but creativity is also considered for the builds.

    For example, you could ask yourself these questions:

    • Does it fit the round? I.e. does the car fit the brief below?
    • Is it a quality build? Is the level of detailing and fixture work impressive?
    • Do I like how it looks? This final question is where personal taste comes in

Scoring for the Round

    • Fastest recorded beamng time trial lap time on West Coast USA Long Race Circuit 1 by the team`s driver(s).
    • Automation Scores Calculation
      • Track Market (in Frunia)
      • Power to Weight
      • Trim ET
    • The aesthetics vote - each team should submit 2 pictures of their car for aesthetics voting

Automation Rules

    Full Car (Applies to both trim and engine, with PU/ET taken from here

    • Car trim year/engine variant year - Must be between 2001 and 2006
    • Wheelbase - Min 2.25m/88.6 inches
    • Sliders - Between -3 to 3
    • Price - Max $30,000
    • Engineering time - Max 115 (full car)
    • Markets - Must have at least 100 in track (Frunia)


    • Drive type - Must be RWD
    • Tyre choice - No semi slicks
    • Pad type - Max 80
    • Wings - Max 1
    • Spoilers + lips - Max 4 (together)
    • Seats - Min 2 full size seats
    • Interior - Must be sport


    • Engine stress - Max 5%
    • VVT/VVL - Must be none
    • Turbo - Must be none
    • Fuel type - No Super 98 RON/Ultimate 100 RON
    • Catalytic converter - Must have

DISCLAIMER: To enter this competition, you MUST join the Automation Beam Championship Discord server. You can sign up for the competition over there.