Automation Beam Championship

Hello everyone!

There are all sorts of automation challenges here on the forums and elsewhere, but since I bought the game I’ve always wanted to be able to drive my own cars in challenges, and compete against other drivers. As a result, I set up the Automation Beam Championship, which has run weekly (with breaks between seasons) since March this year.

Each season runs for 5 weeks, with 1 round each week. We have 2 championships as part of the overall competition - Constructors and Drivers

Drivers Championship

The drivers championship is simple. Constructors of the automation cars usually drive their own cars, but we also pair up beamng drivers to teams that don’t own beam/cannot run it. The fastest drivers each round score the most points, although cars are not allowed to be built soley for the drivers championship.

Constructors Championship

The constructors championship scores 3 equally weighted categories each round, and to do well you need to balance your car to score well in each category. The 3 categories are:

  • Beamng Lap Time
  • Automation Rating (Markets, sportiness, fuel economy, weight distribution etc.)
  • Aesthetics

At the end of each round, constructors and drivers are awared points for these categories. After 5 rounds, the constructor and driver with the most points wins each championship.

To learn more about the championship, please check out this video we made explaining it in more detail.

And for examlples of previous rounds we have run, please check out these links:

Hopefully this has convinced some of you to join and take part! We run everything over on our discord server, and we are now over 120 members strong. Hope to see you guys there!

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