Automation/Beam NG Rallycross challenge (submission closed)

So, i fooled around in Automation and BeamNG and came up with a challenge:

What is this challenge for?

This is meant to get my trusty colleag Eric a modern type “folkrace/rallycross” car that he can drive on any surface and that can take a beating. It has to be able to clear jumps,
work on both bumpy gravel and smooth tarmac and have both acceleration and top speed, and power in a useful range.

What does he want?

Think rallycross, rally or even gymkhana… but at a budget.

Whats the budget then?

He wants a decently cheap car, rather below 12500 than above but the hard limit is at 14000 credits.


Yep, there is a limit here too… Engine will top out around 110 et and trim will top out around 100 et

When is it set?

You can use any type of body or engine given the engineering-time-restraints, but trim and engine years should be 2005.

Any other limits?

Yes. It has to be rather reliable, so both the trim and engine needs to have 55 + reliability. And basic safety is a must. And he rather sees you use
medium tires on the cars as these are the middle road between gravel and tarmac racing.

As i will test these in Beam, you don’t have to put any driving
assists (power steering, traction aids etc) in, as they just cost money, and doesn’t really help that much, same goes for active suspension parts (active
and semi active dampers, springs and swaybars). And 2 seats are enought. And as the question comes up with regularity, yes, you need cats (both the pet and the car-part :wink: ).

To recap:

Trim and engine year: 2005

Engine engineering time: 110
Trim engineering time: 100

Trim reliability: 55 +
Engine reliability: 55 +

No fuel restriction
No Loudnessrestriction

Only medium tires
No driving assists (power steering, traction aids etc)
Basic safety
2 seats at least
No active, semi-active or adaptive springs, dampers or sway-bars

Yes, you need cats!

Budget: 14000 automation credits (hard cap)

Stable build (not open beta)

Naming: Name the car RCC-username so i can keep track of the entries

It will be tested with at least 2 laps at each of the following courses;
the Automation course (gravel-circuit)

the West Coast (street course 2, offroad-track)

and in the industial site rally-cross circuit (Perimeter mixed cicuit - reversed)

I will of course give hints and feedback on my thoughts of the cars, as well
as post times and a short analysis of the cars. A video or two might show up too.

But… as i’m working, this will mostly be done on late nights and on the weekend, so it will not be a fast challenge.

Good luck, and happy building

Submission deadline: May 20th


Deadline, Fuel, loudness?

Deadline TBA, Fuel… well, i used 95 RON in my testmule, but it isn’t really an issue, Fuel is free. Loudness… thnx for the heads up on this… I would think 40 or lower is the aim here, i’ll update accordingly.

With 40 or lower you are giving turbo cars quite an advantage

Would 45 be better? Over 50 would be a tad loud i think…

Hey you are rallycrrossing on the budget, straight pipe it is! Joke aside, 45 is much better although I hardly see anyone go NA.

Ya, i hear you… I’ll take out the loudness factor again… it wasn’t there to begin with… :slight_smile:

Deadline added, Loudness and Fuelrestrictions clarified in OP.

Looks interesting, though the deadline seems awfully close.
I’ve had very little time to play with suspension tunings in BeamNG. I’ll see if I can make something worth submitting in time.

Edit: also hey guys, long time no see. Automation has come a long way, graphics wise especially.


Nice to see you back, Howler :slight_smile: And guessing by the work you’ve done earlier i think you’ll figure out the suspension tuning pretty fast.

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I’ll give it a shot this weekend, just enough time possibly.

edit: basic safety is a must but what about the tech slider? If you don’t put in any limits there I’m going to create a -15 deathtrap lmao

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any naming requirements?

Oh, thanx for the heads up on that… i probably wont get that many subs, but I’ve updated the OP with a naming requirement

I let the rule stand as is :slight_smile: If you want to make a deathtrap, do it

cool thanks.

Also how many laps do you expect the brakes to last? Every bit counts!

Didn’t i say in the OP? I will do 2 laps/track and my guess is that the Road course 2 on the West Coast map is the one that will hurt the brakes the most. I will of course get familiar with the cars before making the speedrun (which i will try to get on vid) but if the brakes are good for 2-3 laps on the West coast street course 2, I’m happy

And as most Rallycross and Folkrace-races takes place on mixed tracks it’ll probably be good for 5-10 laps there


So that could mean 2, or 3 or 4 or 5, and well… before I made some important changes to my car they weren’t quite making 2 haha :joy:

Also this car of yours is pretty quick on the perimeter mixed circuit, how much power is it running? I’m tempted to say I’m running too much

I’m running around 285 hp/tonne in that cars, and it seems to be close the sweet spot for that car at least, more makes it hard to controll.

Right I’ll make a note of that seeing as right now I’m running about 500hp:ton… it’s… faster for sure but definitely takes some commitment

Hey you aren’t taking the shortcut in the Street Course 2 are you:

Now running in the realm of 530hp:ton… it’s definitely fast…

We are experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by…


I reckon it should be used for joker laps, but in that case each entrant can only use it once per race.

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as gridghost explained in previous posts, this isn’t that kind of rallycross… though now this begs the question are there any suitable Beam rallycross maps? The “Summer Motorsports Park” mod doesn’t exactly fit the bill.