Automation - BeamNG Aerodynamics /Usage of Wings


I´ve run recently into a problem when exporting cars from Automation to BeamNG: If I place ANY wing on ANY car, it creates so much downforce in BeamNG that it wont even let me drive around a corner in higher speeds. Cars get extreme understeer above a certain speed (depends on the car, ~60mph/100kph).

Solution is not to use any wings on my cars but I actually want to use them both for design aswell as useful downforce. But the current downforce is just too much and makes most wings unusable, at least for me so far.

Anyone else noticed something like that?

Ok I am currently testing on one car (uses the Pantera Body) and its not just the wing. The graph in Automation suggests heavy oversteer. Driven in BeamNG the car does massive understeer, up to a point where it wont even drive arounda corner.

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Take note there is a graph for high speed and for low speed cornering in Automation. Heavy downforce only influences the high speed stuff, since that’s when the wind actually pushes the car down.

I have driven cars with wings (that had downforce in Automation and BeamNG) and were very performant, and were great at cornering at medium and high speed, so it certainly works when used correctly.

It could also be a bug linked to the body, but that seems unlikely.

Or, when using a mid-engiend or rear-engined car, suspension. Your front wheels might simple be so unloaded on throttle they no longer steer. I had that with a few cars in the Corso actually.


Like says Miros, check the cornering and downforce graph, and chech the weight distribution. Too much weight on the rear (like a rear mid-engine or a rear engine), with huge rear downforce, but nothing on the front, it lifts the front.

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I think that is probably the case. Not enough weight at the front so it does not steer.

However, I made a modern Super car the other day, with the 00s Mclaren/ferrari body. I also added a huge wing to the car and it does drive perfectly in BeamNG. So I am not so sure this is only linked to the Mid engine layout, since both cars are mid engined.

I will try to figure it out…

Wheelbase maybe

It’s mostly weight distribution thing.
Mid engine cars are slightly difficult to set up perfectly, and rear engine cars even worse.
Suspension type does play a huge part on it, but anyhow mid engine cars tend to understeer quite a bit, but if and when the rear starts slipping it’s often very close if not unrecoverable snap oversteer, unless it is induced by full throttle “overpowering” the rear grip. In other words “Powersliding” the car.

Now Some cars (usually high end sports cars such as Ferrari) have managed tame it quite well, but that’s years of experience talking.