Automation + BeamNG (BeamMP) Challenge: The 6h of SPA(in 30 mins)

The 6 hours of SPA in 30 mins


This is a design your car and then race it on a beamMP type of challenge, and you can join alone or in a team.

This race is basically the 6 hours of Spa but in 30 mins. The cars are supposed to be GTE cars and that’s what the rule set reflects. Refueling is a thing in this race just like it would be on the real one. The track is 7 km long but when we scale it (12 times) to put 6h into 30 mins, a lap becomes 82 km long. The refueling will happen assuming each lap is 82km long.



  • Year 2012
  • Min weight measured in Automation - 1200kg
  • Min weight measured in BeamNG - 1300kg
  • Full Seats: min 2
  • Max ET: 140
  • Min Safety: 57
  • Max Price: 140000 (though I doubt you will ever reach this)
  • Min Drag for body: 0.235 (so yes, bodies with 0.23 or less are banned)
  • Min at least one market above 110 in Fruinia
  • Wing Fixtures: Maximum one front and one rear. (you can skip the wings if you want)
  • Wing Angle Aero sliders have to be at least at 60
  • Rear wing must be(if present) behind the rear wheel axis and Front wing must be(if present) in front of the front wheel axis
  • Wing fixtures cannot be hidden or mirrored
  • Quality sliders range -3 to +3
  • Tires up to 315 (absolute, not average)
  • No AWD(must be fwd or rwd)
  • Must use yellow headlights
  • Gearboxes are limited to six forward gears
  • A fuel consumption rate will be assigned to your car based on the automation mileage values times a factor(more about this on its own section)
  • Any body with zero or negative lift is banned
  • Differential: No Electric LSD


  • Naturally aspirated only
  • Max capacity 5.5L
  • Min Reliability: 65
  • Max ET: 130(with less than 8 cylinders), 135(8 or more cylinders)
  • Must have a catalytic converter
  • Max Loudness 75
  • VVL and VVT not allowed
  • Slider range -3 to +3


  • We’re assuming a full fuel tank is 90 and that each lap is 82 km long.
  • On automation go to “testing - detail stats - Fuel economy” and from there you can take the sum of the two values at 110km/h and multiply it by 1.8. That will be your estimated fuel consumption on this track.
  • I have a spreadsheet where I can just input that value and tell you how often you need to stop for a refuel. This will be made available closer to the race.


Track and Duration:

Grid and start of race:

  • Starting positions will be determined by aesthetics voting(public)
  • In the beginning of the race, drivers will line up one after the other at the start line. Instead of a traditional start where all drivers begin at the same time, here there will be a 1 second gap between the start of all cars. (this means, for example, that the 4th placed will start 3 seconds after the 1st placed)
  • According to your fuel consumption you will be assigned a length(for example every 3 laps) where you need to pit. If you miss this, it means you run out of fuel and get DNF.
  • Resetting the car is only allowed with verbal permission by me or in the pits. This means:
  • If you cause any damage to your car and there is no one else directly to blame, you can only reset in the pitlane.
  • If someone bashes into you and causes you to take damage, then after telling me that(we’re all going to be on voice chat), I will most likely allow you to reset your car and carry on.
  • Don’t go for risky overtakes, it’s a long race and lag exists.
  • The race finishes when you cross the finish line after the 30 mins count is up.


  • Refueling is done by driving to a halt anywhere in the pitlane. Just a stop and go.
  • Coming to the pits to reset the car also counts as a refueling stop

Resetting the car:

  • You can only reset your car if given permission or if in the pits
  • You must stop your car before resetting.


  • You need to have beamMP working
  • Make sure you have the radar app working on beamNG (optional but very recommended)
  • DM me the .car file via discord before the deadline
  • All cars will be available in a google drive and you will have to download them before joining the server.
  • Don’t wait for race time to join the server. Make sure you have all the files and have joined the server at least once at least one day before the race.
  • Join the Automation Beam Championship Discord and find me there. There’s a channel called “Automation Live Racing” which is where you can discuss your builds with other participants.


  • .car Submission deadline: 20 Sept 23:59 GMT
  • Race date: 25 Sept
  • Race start time: TBD (could be from 18:00 to 21:30) To be discussed with the participants

Rules are subject to change in the coming week in case of found exploits or omissions.

Rule-set also available here: GTE Challenge - Google Docs


What kind of fuel will be used? I’m guessing 98 RON super unleaded.

if you manage to get the min market score needed, any fuel type is available. But I’m 99.5% confident that because of that rule, everyone is going for 95.

Thanks for the correction - I falsely assumed that 98RON was widely available in Fruinia, when in fact it isn’t. As for tires, will semi-slicks be required or even allowed?

all types are allowed so I’m expecting everyone with semi slicks

In order to plan ahead the finer details of the race, I would like to know a bit in advance how many participants there will be.

So if you’re planning on joining, please drop me a DM here or in discord.

Ready to race

Pegasus Astier GTE


6 cars are participating on this race.
Vote on their looks using the link above. This will determine the grid positions

And here are the challengers ordered by aesthetics survey.

Starting on the 6th sport is the Black Dog sponsored Steve SVT.

With a front mounted 5L V8 producing 488hp at 7800 RPM. Despite its modest performance stats, this car will have to pit every 2 laps. Something must have gone wrong with the fuel consumption settings.
To note the pushrod suspension on the rear, tons of downforce and a geared LSD.

In 5th it’s the Pegassus Arünahart #404 GTE

With a front mounted 4.5L V8 producing 457hp at 8200 RPM. Unlike the previous entry, this one was designed with endurance racing in mind and only needs to pit every 4 laps.
Glued aluminium chassis instead of the most chosen carbon fiber, geared LSD, carbon fiber front brakes and double wishbones all around.

In 4th comes the Pegasus Astier GTE

The only non V8 engine of the field, this front mounted 5.5L Inline 6 engine gets 510hp at 7100 RPM and will allow the driver to also only have to pit every 4 laps.
Double wishbone suspensions, vented disks, geared LSD, sport interiors, no power steering and very basic suspensions.

In 3rd but very close to the top2 is the Tarquini sponsored Democrat Eagle.R

Another front mounted V8, with 5.5L, produces 502hp at 8000 RPM but its fuel consumption leaves much to be desired as this car will have to pit every 2 laps.
Multilink rear suspension, carbon brakes, loads of downforce and standard interiors with traction control and hydraulic steering.

Tied for first the ISN Tailwind ALR M GTE Gold Racing

It’s a rear mounted 5.5L V8 on this one, with 590hp at 7400 RPM. And it only has to pit every 3 laps despite its power.
Double wishbones all around, geared LSD, vented brakes, electric variable power steering and ESC. Also to note the choice of AHS steel chassis.

Tied for first is the Ganner Gwydion GT2 2012 6 Hours of Spa #24

The only transversely mounted engine of the field and also the only mid engine. Another 5.5L V8 with 568hp at 7800 RPM and also needing to pit every 3 laps. Pushrod suspensions all around and also a AHS steel chassis. Like all the other cars in the field it comes with a geared LSD. Vented disk brakes, not much downforce, basic interiors and electric variable steering and ABS.

The race is only 2 days away!



1st with over 12 laps under 30 mins

2nd and also with 12 laps

3rd with 11 laps

4th also with 11 laps

5th also with 11 laps

6th with a DNF due to techical issues