Automation/BeamNG Competition

This is a competition to see who makes a car that the AI drives the fastest around the Trial Mountain circuit(Would be the Automation Test Track but the AI always takes the wrong route), I’d drive them myself but I’m too inconsistent. The files submitted must be the Automation file to see if they comply with the rules.

The cars must be able to sell in Gasmea the year it is made(Meeting safety standards, etc.)

No fuel above premium. Regular leaded is OK, super is not.

Engineering time must not be above 80.0 months, to keep down quality slider abuse.

Do an actual design, don’t just give me a car with no fixtures. An ugly car is fine, mine is ugly too.

If some rules are not met, I will fix them, but just know it will hurt the performance of your car.

If the AI can’t handle your car, that’s not my fault.

You will get a DNF if the AI can’t make it around the track in 3 attempts. I will be recording the times using my phone, so it may not be incredibly accurate.

Other than that, go crazy. I will record all runs done for my YouTube channel
The first episode(Explaining the series and my car) will go up tomorrow morning. This is being posted on both the Automation and BeamNG forums, so the leaderboards will be combined.

Current leaderboard:

  1.  Radian Hipero H80(SimplyGaming): 2:05.01

List of episodes:
Episode 1:

:joy: So there goes a potential lore entry from me, unless I send some cheap car. I think that even my campaign cars started exceeding that in raw engineering time by the 80s.

Really? Should I maybe raise that? I based it off the supercar that I made, but I guess I should probably raise it if it’s that restricting.

Nah, it’s not really much restricting, but pretty low. But then again, I consider average of +3 to be a baseline for more than standard cars…

I decided to raise it to 80 because this is supposed to be fairly nonrestrictive challenge anyway

My first question is: have you figured out how to make the AI drive a car quickly?

Coz I sure haven’t. It kind of just putters around and takes the corners about 70% of the speed it really should be doing, then keeps braking, even when I set the max speed limit to faster than the car’s top speed.

Not really. I set the risk to 1.5 but they’re still not as quick as they should be. Although to be fair, the car I gave them to drive first was an oversteery, skittish monster with absurd turbo lag(AKA the essential Automation noob supercar)

Honestly with my optimally tuned “you can’t crash this unless you literally drive it into the wall yourself” cars and setting the risk to maximum it still likes to brake and only travel about 70% of the speed that it desires to as the debugger suggests. I’m just not convinced that the AI driver is good enough to do decent performance laps.

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You’re right, AI in BeamNG is very basic and I feel like it drives any car at almost the same speed. Also, with a medium/high powered FR or, even worse, MR/RR layout, it just constantly spins, even on straights.

@JJ2478, I feel like the challenge will make much more sense if you drive those cars by yourself.