Automation Board Challenge Tracker

The Farm Truck Challenge (Stage 2) is complete.

The Farm Truck Challenge has not been forgotten or abandoned. My plan is to find time to record and publish the final two video reviews simultaneously. The reason why this stage is not done, but the second stage is, was the fewer number of trucks and the much longer time videos take, coupled with having to coordinate with Tom. I am luckily on break this coming week and I will do everything in my power to finish those reviews ASAP. Then I will abstain from hosting any more challenges (and I do have an idea for one currently) at least until my semester and exams finish in May.

Okay, I finally went back over the subforum and the list should now be accurate.

titleguy1, what’s happening to this? I’m about to mark it as status: unknown.

I am proposing, seeing how many of these challenges are forgotten right after deadline and dead, that we have a strike system or something. As in when a person forfeits 2 challenges he created he’s mentioned here as an unreliable challenge creator. That way we would know that we are going into a risky challenge, where we might be creating cars to the challenge that has a high probability of not happening.

I think I would be happy enough to leave the community is make their own judgement organically, as in no need to impose a rule system. People who care about these kinds of things will see what’s on the board, as I never take down the events that have been cancelled nor are of unknown status. That way, one can easily form a visual impression based on how much red there is next to one’s name.

Seems reasonable, if those challenges don’t go down.

Can I point out that WABHUBAC is the “We Are Broke, Help Us Build A Car” Challenge? I have shortened it so I could put the Deadline for entries and status in the title.


Yep ok. That makes more sense. I’ll keep the unabridged title up.

By the way the Minivan Homologation Special Challenge is cancelled for now because I couldn’t find a fair way of balancing the eligible bodies.

Fair enough. I’ll remove it from the list.

My DTm competition is in standby now.

I’ll update that when I get around to fixing the formatting on the entire post, lol.

I’m pretty sure FrancescoF17 also has a new competition up and running, I’ll add that too.

Ugh, I just realised that the links all go to the archived forum which is no longer active. I will have to fix every single thread!!!


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This may just be me being a bit odd, but is it possible to separate “Top of the Pile” into two different categories: “Active” and “Complete”?

Active, obviously, is for any contest with Results Pending, Open For Entries, etc.

Complete, obviously, would be for any recently-completed challenges, meaning results (and reviews, if any) posted, and no further activity.

Yeah I’m thinking of reorganising that pile. It needs fixing which I’ll do when my night shifts are done I.e. tomorrow.

EDIT: updating of the original post is happening slowly and in stages.

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@strop, this still holds true except my break turned into job interview, acceptance, and other meetings related to being ready to begin the position at the end of my semester. I have not had the opportunity to coordinate with @TheTom since then and I never anticipated the delay going this long. I had anticipated being busy during the semester and thought that I could crank these out before the work load picked up in the first few weeks. Boy, did my professors surprise me. I have screenshots of the trucks from the last stable build and I have their stats compiled from when they were actually submitted, so I can still, and will still do the reviews. I’m just not sure if they will be videos. You can expect the last two reviews to definitely be published by mid-May.

Is that enough to be un-[quote=“strop, post:1, topic:6486”]Cold Case[/quote]-ified?

Yes, I’ll put that information in the post.

There was supposed to be a distinction between those with a definite plan and those for which we simply had no information. The format’s still a bit screwy as I haven’t figured out how to work around the limit of mentioning 10 users in a post, so the Tracker’s still incomplete.

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Update for the Automation Endurance Challenge II

Rules have now been set, it looks like everyone is happy with the current rules. Registration is now officially open and a few deadlines have been set.

The first deadline is Sunday, 1 May 2016, 23:59:59 (UTC time). This is the deadline to send in your finished car. The second deadline is Sunday, 8 May 2016, 23:59:59 (UTC time). This is the deadline to send in you car if you have tuned it between the races. Results will be posted within one week after each deadline.

Thank you strop for this handy challenge tracker!

You still haven’t removed the Minivan Homologation Special Challenge. I thought that was on the agenda.

whoops, I missed that. Now removed!

There are definitely many omissions and broken links and missing tournaments remaining. I’ll update these when I get time in the coming days.

Just requesting that the SGTV '16 gets put on this list, we are in the rule defining stage.

Gday strop The Drag Racing Challenge is now active rules are set and first round will be announced 27/4/16 at 7.30pm UTC+10 Brisbane time