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Hello, it’s Spitfire back with one of my crazy and idiotic ideas! Just hear me out on this one because I really think it’s gonna work.

So you’ve just built a brand new car and are really proud of it, you want to show it to the world and make it sell like hotcakes. I mean come on, it’s the best car in the world, right!? And you have to make other people think that too. So what’s the most logical step?

Television advertisements!

So my idea is for people to use this thread to write down their ideas, scripts, or, if you’re really ambitious, post videos advertising your latest, greatest car. Let your mind roam free!

A man is driving a brown BMW 3 series across a completely blank white space. Suddenly he approaches a brand new 2017 Spitfire Atmosphere, in Blazing Orange.

Man: “Woah.”

He gets out of the BMW and opens the driver’s side door to the Spitfire, and examines the luxurious interior.

Man: “Woah.”

He sits in the driver’s seat and fires up the twin turbocharged V6. Suddenly the blank background changes into a winding mountain road, and the man eagerly opens the car up.

Man: “Woah!”

He finally comes back to where he parked the BMW and parks the Spitfire next to it. It looks like he’s having trouble deciding until the sticker prices of both cars appear over them. The Spitfire’s is significantly lower.

Man: “Woah.”



You should change that advert from a random man to Keanu Reeves! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Okay, here’s my idea for a Rennen ad.

Cue music!

Some say that out of chaos, comes order.

Kusanagi roars by, too fast to identify what car it is

But what’s so interesting about order?

Classic Rennen Headlights appear, and a Sagacious pulls out of a driveway to a rather exquisite home

Sometimes, in order to stand out, a little spark of chaos is needed.

Rennen Caelum R is seen sliding around a track

But like we said, out of chaos comes order.

Rennen Gladius (Our SUV) is roaring off-road and then pans to another Gladius around town.


Because when you add that little bit of chaos…

Rennen Angeles drives around some mountain roads

It creates something magnificent.

Cuts to a Kusanagi in a white room with blue splatters on the sides of the walls

Rennen. Perfection at Performance.


Here’s what I’ll call a ‘classic’ Erin advert from 1992…

Shots of family getting ready to leave the house in the morning, father having breakfast in the background, mother passing school bags to children

(in a conversaional tone) “Right, have you got everything you need?” says the mother
“Yeah!” says one of the children, who opens the door and runs out.

Cut to shot outside house with kids running down garden path. House is typical suburban style.

Cut to shot of Erin Merna, not focusing on the car but on the kids who are getting in. Mother unlocks the car.

(in jolly voice) “In we get the then!” says mother

Sound of seatbelts clicking and car starting. Cut to shot of back of car, looking up at it, as it drives away

Shots of mother driving, using some of the features on the car’s centre console. She turns the radio on and generic pop music plays.

Cut to child looking out of window, sees sign for ‘Naval Dockyard’, camera focuses on sign

Cut to shot looking forward, through the windscreen, camera placed just behind mother, shows car turning onto ramp and entering ship

Car drives past various jet fighters and naval personnel. Car then turns onto platoform, which raises up.

Platform stops, car drives onto flight deck of ship. Car stops, music cuts and mother takes keys out of ignition.

Cut to wide shot, moving away from car slowly revealing that they are now on an aircraft carrier. Mother and children get out and mother waves children goodbye as they run towards the planes.

Text appears on top half of screen:

Nobody said the school run had to be boring.

Cuts to picture of car on white background

The new Erin Merna. From £13900.


Damn. That’s like a cross between a Volvo and Saab ad except with far too much funding.

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“Here kitty kitty…” ~Miller Prestiege MS-8, the decimator of roads.

'Nuff said.

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A Bear chasing a horde of Caribous. In an AMCC Comet GT.

Fade from black to a close up shot of the driver’s seat looking from outside the front windshield. At the sides of the shot you can see the passenger seat and rear seats. The shot is too close up to identify what brand the car is.

“Come on kids, get into the car!” We see a middle aged woman get into the driver’s seat, and three children of different ages get into the other seats.

“Now kids, make sure you’re all buckled up. Wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to you!” She puts the key into the ignition and turns it. The car instantly bursts into flames.

Smooth pan out as we hear the screams of children in the background. The camera stops to focus on the Saminda badge, with flames all around it.

Saminda. We’re working on it.


…The 2016 DSD Griffin… engine by Bogliq…So if you die it’s not our fault…This time…

The 2016 Griffin, no carbon monoxide poisoning deaths since 2015


A bunch of loud cars roll up to the side of a fancy restaurant, clearly making lots of noise

All until sudden silence

Only now the sound of tyres rolling up to the side

Zoom onto the rims

The passenger and driver doors open directly up and two people step out, go inside

The doors close back and the car pulls up to a free parking spot

It now zooms onto the rear lights and everything but the rear lights and the logo disappear into black

“The all electric 2016 Cita Neo”

“Let the others have their fun, have yours better”


A man wakes up, gets ready for work.

All around him there are screaming kids, the house is a mess, the wife is still in bed leaving him to make sure they’re ready for school.

The end table by the front door is stacked with bills.

The fridge is practically empty.

The coffee maker is on the fritz.

The kids are sent off to school after considerable fuss.

The man goes to the car in the driveway, gets in…

And smiles.

The new 2003 Petoskey Legion

Because you deserve some stability in your life.


“Advertisement starts with a Dalimash G7 driving by a train bridge”

When everything in your life is going haywire…

“A train goes over the bridge”

“The bridge explodes, and the train bits go flying”

All you need is a little bit of courage.

“The Dalimash goes by unscathed, while train bits land into the lake and flames and smoke go everywhere”

“The Dalimash later parks in the driveway of a little house, and a man and woman wearing casual clothes walk into the house, as the camera pans over to the burning train bridge”

The Dalimash G7: Because you were too cheap to buy the G8.

Edit: Officially, this car doesn’t exist any more. I’ll try to make a revised version and then post it here.

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Here’s my idea for an old Albury Motors ad, specifically for the 1992 Crusader II:

(cue music)

Think all sports cars have to be imported?

(Crusader II drives by so quickly that it cannot be positively identified)

Think again.

(Headlights pop up as a Crusader II revs its engine, then starts up and leaves a garage in an expensive suburban house in West Sydney, NSW)

Australia’s first indigenously designed, developed and assembled supercar is back with a vengeance.

(Cut to a Crusader II lapping Mount Panorama at speed; music cuts to 1:50)

Track-tested and driven on the street by some of our best racing drivers.

(Cut to the car being driven on the Great Alpine Road in Victoria)

The new Crusader - a fusion of style and speed.

(Cut one last time to the car driving down the Stuart Highway in the Northern Territory)

Albury Motors - A Legendary Motoring Tradition.

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If it has Satch in it, I’ll fucking buy it, man :smile:

Now here’s the ad for the 2000 Macale Mantella, set to Jan Cyrka’s techno track “Speed Rush” (as featured in the 2002 PS2 video game Stuntman):

(Flash of red streaks across the screen, too quickly to identify conclusively)

700 horsepower.

(Cut to a CGI animation of the Mantella’s V12 at full throttle)

8500 rpm.

(Cut to the Mantella’s instrument panel as the engine approaches the rev limiter)

Race-tuned suspension, gearbox and brakes.

(Cut to a red Macale Mantella attacking the Corkscrew at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca)

These are just some of the reasons why the Mantella is the culmination of over 50 years of racing heritage.

(Music cuts to 1:51; cuts to the same Mantella driving down the Pacific Coast Highway)

Its sleek exterior doesn’t just turn heads, it works in perfect harmony with the wind.

(Mantella makes a handbrake turn near the beach and comes to a stop, raising and then retracting its rear spoiler in the process, before a tall blonde woman in a short red dress opens the driver’s side door upwards, steps out and walks away)

And at the end of the day, nothing else comes close for raw thrills.

(cut one last time to a Mantella zooming across the finish line at Laguna Seca)

Macale Mantella. A Supercar for the New Millennium.