Automation car evolution challenge [CLOSED]

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Hello there!
Our streets are populated by vehicles called CARS
For some people, CARS are a hobby, others use them for RACES

First, What is your NAME?
Are you a BOY or a GIRL?

Now its time for you to pick your first car-I MEAN your STARTER! ( thats what its called… )
Then hit the TALLGRA… I MEAN TARMAC, tarmac, dont drive in the ditch…


What if cars could “evolve” like creatures in Japanese Animes?
This stupid idea came to me and was quite fun to explore, I thought it had potential as a challenge.
for this challenge, you’ll have to build 3 or 4 cars, starting with a real world replica of a mediocre car and evolving it along a “creature type” path

exemple here with my 1998 ford escort se:

This is my first challenge, and I hope this will inspire others to pick this concept up and bring it further in the future


you have to start with a replica of a real mediocre car, then evolve it up to better versions OR start with a replica of a car that fit as a “final evolution” and evolve it down to its “pre-volution” forms ( an old buick century making its way up to hypercar or a Bugatti Veyron making its way down to family budget)
Ex: I did a 98 ford escort

you must pick a “creature type” from the following and stick the the listed market for the evolutions:
-Sport: [start] to [sport] to [super] to [hyper]
-Muscle: [Start] to [Pony B.] to [Pony] to [Muscle]
-Track: [Start] to [track B.] to [Track] to [track p. ]
-luxury: [Start] to [Premium] to [luxury] to [luxury premium]
-offroad: [Start] to [offroad] to [offroad utility] to [offroad utility + H. delivery]

If you choose to make 3 cars instead of 4, skip one of the suggested step after [start], doing the full 4 and performing decently in the challenge’s judged aspects would give you a bonus
(for my exemple with the ford escort, I chose sport type)

Each car in the serie must be done with a different body familly, these are different cars evolved from the starter, not a line of trims

Weather you start with the first form or the last, the weakest form must be one of the following:

-utility budget

-fam. utility budget

-commuter budget

-familly budget

-fun budget

-city budget

(*offroad B. B., track B. Premium B. and pony B. are not allowed due to how close they are from the next form or are a possible evolution of one “type”)

(**Start replica car’s market does not have to be SUPER competitive as it is meant as a real world replica and what the cars has IRL might not be seen as ideal by automation’s calculation, it should be at least somewhat green in its approved starting market)

(***suggestion: start with your real world first car, or parent’s car, something you have intimate irl knowledge about, this might make this more fun for yourself / add a nostalgia factor to your enjoyment)

Year can be anything as long as it is accurate to the starting car. The year stays the same for each evolutions
(ex: all of my cars are from 1998)

Cars must have at least a basic interior
-steering wheel
-appropriate transmission control (manual/auto/other)
-appropriate seating
-some gauges

each car in the evolution line must have the same body color(s) to make them easier to compare to one another design-wise (my escort and its evolutions all have the same red paint)

Mods are allowed, the only ones I don’t have are the steam locomotive, the RV the “prototype mod” the harvester or the lego fixtures (because the aren’t serious or not correctly scaled)

Name of cars must follow a consistent logic that originate with the start car’s real name, puns and funny names are ok, but must stay clean (exemple:, I started with a Ford Escort, I picked a arguably funny definition for what an escort could be and chose synonyms for the evolutions: Escort, Courtesan, Concubine, Harlot, but stayed away from unsavory synonyms like Pro*****te or… you get the idea)

Techpool and Quality must all stay at their default value
(0 quality and +5 techpool)

I dont want to be mean, it’s my first challenge, i want to keep it manageable, so double check before sending

This is my first challenge, so I’ll keep it small so I don’t bite more then I can chew, please bear with me as I am more of an artist then a mecanic or a math nerd and I want to avoid annoying those that fall in those 2 last category.
As previously stated in the rules, the start car’s market desirability isn’t too important, as the game isn’t a perfect 1-to-1 of the real world, I strongly suggest copying the real car’s specs for your own fun but I won’t judge that, to keep it simple on myself in case I get too many participants.

Each “creature type” is judged separatly

First the cars must respect the requirement to qualify:

  • Start car is at least yellow in one of the accepted starter market ( or in its final form market if the
    challenge is done backward) and doesn’t score higher desirability in markets that aren’t allowed
  • Evolutions have best desirability in their specific target market
  • No 2 cars uses the same body
  • Years is the same for each car and fit the replica car ( first or last of the serie)
  • Cars have basic interiors as per the rule
  • Body color(s) is the same for each car for ease of comparison

The performance part of the judgement will be based on the game’s market desirability and one key score per chosen “type” (sport=sportiness, muscle=0-100kph/0-60mph, track=test track time(in automation, automation circuit), luxury=comfort, offroad=offroad):

Main stat for the type has constant improuvement between each evolutions (exemple, sportiness between the escort, courtesan, concubine and harlot is improving by 18-to-25 point for each evolutions, from biggest change to lowest is a 7pts difference, the more consistence, the better)

10 possible points: best consistency get +10, 2nd and 3rd get +8, 4th and 5th get +6, 6th and 7th get +4, 8th to 10th get +2
(If less then 5 participant, I reserve the right to change this to 1st+10, 2nd+8 3rd+6 4th+4 5th+2)

Average improuvement between each evolutions (bigger improvement gets more points)

10 possible points: Biggest average improuvement get +10, 2nd and 3rd get +8, 4th and 5th get +6, 6th and 7th get +4, 8th to 10th get +2
(If less then 5 participant, I reserve the right to change this to 1st+10, 2nd+8 3rd+6 4th+4 5th+2)

Design is judged as follow:

-Start car accuracy to real world counterpart, attention to detail
-Design language is respected troughout each evolutions, start car can be recognized in each
-Design of each evolution is accurate to it’s target market (exemple: the Harlot is a ford escort,
but also a HyperCar)

10 possible points: 1st get +10, 2nd and 3rd get +8, 4th and 5th get +6, 6th and 7th get +4, 8th to 10th get +2
(If less then 5 participant, I reserve the right to change this to 1st+10, 2nd+8 3rd+6 4th+4 5th+2)

-Chosen body of evolutions have similarities to previous car’s shape (exemple: from escort to
harlot, the curves are similar, mostly in the front)
-Changes are progressive in the serie
( exemple#1: transverse front > long. Front > long. Mid)
( exemple#2: body color A-pillar > black A-pillar hidden in glass > no A-pillar, windshield flows into side windows)
( exemple#3: curves progressively more pronounced from car to car, car progressively wider)
-original adaptation of features to the evolutions new needs (exemple, the black trim behind the escort becomes a black grill vent for the mid engine concubine and harlot)
-overall design quality

10 possible points: 1st get +10, 2nd and 3rd get +8, 4th and 5th get +6, 6th and 7th get +4, 8th to 10th get +2
(If less then 5 participant, I reserve the right to change this to 1st+10, 2nd+8 3rd+6 4th+4 5th+2)

-good naming (consistant to real starter car, funny/or/clever…) (possible +1 to total)
-doing the full 4 car series instead of only 3 AND maintaining a good performance anyway, good performance here refering to being in the 60% best performing entries in that “type” prior to counting bonuses (Possible +5)


-MODEL name must be the creator’s name ( creative car names goes in the TRIM field)
-Cars are exported with the EXPORT button in-game
-Please include 2 photoscene images: side-by-side 3/4 front view with all your cars and another 3/4 rear (in case the car don’t load correctly in my game for some unknown reason)
-PM message MUST include; the chosen “creature type”, a list of the cars in order from weakest to final form with their market ( in case one market is skipped in a serie of 3), which is the replica and its year in case i’m not familiar with it (since you can start from weakest or final)


3 weeks from now
26 January at midnight
(UTC/GMT -5 hours)

(will be edited in later)







No quality sliders? Some of those categories are greatly influenced by sliders… or is that kind of the point? (I’m thinking specifically of luxury segments).

Taking the design cues of an average everyday car and evolving them over multiple iterations in a specific sector? It shouldn’t work, but it does - and that’s what this challenge of yours is all about.

This is my very first challenge, I’ll run it like this for its first time

There is room for improuvement, either i’ll want to do this again and rafine the rules then since i will know how to change them after seeing how the first time went or someone else with more experience is welcome to expend the concept


The (d)evolutions of the starter car need not share their engine with it if I am not mistaken.

no, you are correct, although there is a rule saying an engine can’t grow more then 4 cylinders per evolution

well i have received 0 applications, i suppose this was too much work, thats too bad, it cold have been really fun

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I was considering a full model line of 4 cars based on a 90s compact of my choice (styling-wise), but balked at the last moment. It’s a pity this one went nowhere, though.

This mighta worked if not for the interior requirement. I don’t know if Game Freak has canonical organ and skeleton diagrams for Pokemon, but I’d imagine not.

Also, while I appreciate making us start with a real car, I think the whole “start with a budget trim” thing might have turned people off, as well as sticking to predetermined tracks rather than just saying “golden rule: each evolution must be better than the last”. And lastly, 3 evos was enough. The last one, I assume corresponding to mega pokemon, is just asking a bit too much.


well i did give the possibility to start with something real that counts as a final evolution and then work down instead of up, with the exemple of a bugatti veyron’s “pre-volutions”

for the interior, i suppose you are right, it should have been optional and 3 evolution would have been enough

for the selected track, that only applied to “track-type” cars, as in, i have limited time and limited knowledge of how the game calculates stuff so in order to be fair to participants and realistic in the amount of work needed to compare cars together, i narrowed things down to one key characteristic per type, with the goal being to keep that improvement constant in the line. in my opinion that part was fair

although, if someone else ever wanted to take this concept further and run it differently to make it work, that’d count as a massive success in my book

(I often get good ideas that go nowhere because i dont have the means to make them work)

I could, in theory, do this whole evolution thing myself independently of this challenge.

Speaking of which, requirements 7 and 9 may also have been unnecessary, and I think they may have been another reason why this challenge went nowhere.