Automation Car Pricing

Please do correct and guide me if I’m posting this in the wrong area, but…

In regards to the vehicle pricing in-game such as materials cost and a vehicle’s approximate cost. Are these numbers based on current/recent levels of inflation (or as recent as the game’s initial launch, not exactly the current date’s outrageous levels) or do they scale by year?

So, let’s say a vehicle from the early 50’s is said to have an approximate cost of $18k, would that be based on that time frame or would it be in today’s money (which would translate to about $1,600 in that time period)?

The Automation dollar does not account for inflation, and is equivalent to the 2012 US Dollar.

Older, simpler technologies do tend to be cheaper though, so older cars usually wind up being cheaper than modern ones anyway.


Thank you, that answered my question perfectly and would account for the prices being what they are on older cars.