Automation Cars with negative torque in beamng drive

Hi everyone, first all, these new update has been amazing, the exporter, the boxer engines (and the V16s) are very fun.

I have exporter a couple of cars with regular automatic transmissions and while it seems ok in automation (really lazy engines) in beamng they stall using an automatic transmission. I don’t know if it is a bug, or it is just physics, although I was under the impression that a torque converter never stalls… Here are the cars.

Here is the first one. This is the torque and transmission curves in automation:

Here is the torque curve in Beamng drive. You can notice it has negative torque (although it stalls before reaching that point).

EDIT: I’ve use the same engine in a SUV and a truck and they don’t stall, even with the negative torque.
You can check your car yourself:
Rivera - (42.9 KB)

The second one:

In beamng drive… -42 torque. This also stalls in everything (P, D, R, 2, 1) but neutral.

Quijote - (37.9 KB)

Negative torque? Maybe run those RPMs in reverse to go forward.

Tried it myself and it stalls any time I let off of the gas, it acts like a carburetor with clogged idle jets. I got it to go but you cant let off of the gas or let it stop.

After it stalls restarting just leaves the starter running but reports 19hp which should be enough to run it.


Mmm, maybe it is because I run the carbs really lean? I believe they’re 15:1. I’ll swap’em for single point injection.