Automation Competition: Modern Chinese car

Hello and welcome to my second competition of my discord server,
you have to make a Modern Chinese car.

You see here all the Rules for making the Modern Chinese car:
Rule N°1: Year of the car 2010 or highter.
Rule N°2: You can make a car but it’s just a car body (Sedans, Hatchs, Saloon, Show car, Race car…), no Vans, MPVs bodies and trucks bodies.

I think it’s okay with the rules, so for the making of the competition car that will be 2 weeks or highter.
If you have some questions dm me on the webiste or on Discord: chiki125#8696

Goodbye everyone and good luck. (Btw you see in the comments my discord server.)


Here you go to join my discord server: Competitions-Challenges Community

Any restrictions on size, engines, drive type, etc.?

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not really.

@abg7 it’s free…but as it fits with the subject of the Modern Chinese car competition.

Welcome to the forums! Here’s a guide to making a challenge: So You Want to Host a Tournament

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@Restomod Thanks you for helping me.

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