Automation Crashes 5 Seconds After Pressing "Export Car"

I just purchased the game today, so pardon me if I’m doing something incorrectly, but I have created several engines in engine builder and put them into AI generated cars to export to beamng with a goal of getting them into Assetto Corsa using engine crane. I’ve followed many tutorials on how to do this and I was confident at first, but I’ve had no luck successfully exporting a car to beamng. I click on the final “Export Car” button after choosing exporting settings, the game fps drop, and then I get a crash menu which is linked. All of the cars I have tried to export are fully finished and have allowed me to test them on the track window. I’m not really sure what else to try, I’ve re-installed and checked game file integrities. Any suggestions or anybody else having this problem?

It would be good to know what specs your computer has, often export crashes are due to RAM linked issues, however it can also be funny characters in the name of an export. Things like | and " tends to break it and cause the game to crash.

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Hi there, engine-crane author here. I think I may have reproduced this issue; the exporter seems to crash when BeamNG isn’t installed.

Tested it a few times now and seems pretty consistent - works when Beam is present - crashes when not. This didn’t happen pre-Ellisbury.

I’d hazard a guess the exporter is searching for a Beam install to work out a format or a location for the mod it’s going to create. I seem to recall the pre-Ellisbury version handled the case when Beam wasn’t installed and said something along the lines of “using best guess of where to save the mod”

On the face of it the use-case isn’t obvious “why create a BeamNG mod without the game?”. As the OP mentions engine-crane uses these mods to gather data to create the engine data for Assetto Corsa

I’ve been meaning to create a standalone exporter to replace the need to use the beamNG mod but haven’t had the time (and would need further support) so for now it would be preferable if the behaviour matched the pre-Ellisbury behaviour to accomdate users who don’t own BeamNG

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Ah, that would make sense! I ended up switching to an earlier build and I’m experiencing no issues. Thanks!

I have the same situation and same issue. One PC has Automation, the other is a spare parts tower that has the sim wheel, so it has BeamNG. Can’t export cars anymore :frowning:

Not sure where the best place to raise this as a bug would be? Is there a standard process for raising bugs for Automation?

General chat or Support sections of the forums.

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