Automation Decal Design Challenge [UE4]

(Credits to @MartinPL)

Welcome to the Automation Decal Design Challenge!

I need a better name but this should do for now

So I was watching the video for Crazy/Creative category of the Official Car Design Competition, right. I watched through the submissions list until I stopped at the purple “NFS Underground car”, with its simple but effective use of available decals. I was impressed, but then I thought to myself: “Why stop there?”

Essentially, in this challenge I want you to decorate a car’s body in an… unconventional fashion. I’m talking about making the most out of the Fixtures tab (which IMO is pretty limited in several ways, but some of you guys can still creatively get around the limitation anyway). The ‘decals’ may be made out of lights, badges, bumper bars, or really anything that you think would look good when you put it there.

So, what do you have in mind? Do you want to make a full body livery? Go for it! An artsy, detailed lineart decal made out of a thousand badges? Why the heck not! Or even an asymmetric, Harvey Dent-esque design? The sky (and game engine) is the limit!

Now that everything is settled, the theme for the first round is…

You know what? Just make anything that might look good.


  • Use the latest version of UE4 Open Beta.
  • Any car bodies are allowed.
  • Any fixtures are also allowed.
  • While stats/markets don’t matter, your car still needs headlights, front grille, tail lights, and door handles at the very least.
  • Mods from the Steam Workshop are welcome.
  • Don’t forget to have fun.

How to submit?

Send a car to me with the naming format ADDC1 - [username].
Also, post a preview picture in the thread.


  • Scoring is based on the overall look of the design, the creative approach, and the attention to detail.

The deadline is held off until Automation gets more stable one day.

But feel free to post your car here anyway.

Any questions? Ask away!

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Okay, it is awesome that this forums can ping me up even somebody wrote @ in other topic.

Now to this topic. If you need my car for better fotos or even use it as part of your event, give me a call, i gonna send you the car file.

Second thing is, if class is named Animals but you don’t mention in rules to form or use animals graphics then why name it Animals then?
Other than that i thinking it could be interesting but i feel it gonna be Too heavy for engine at the moment. I had medium instability issues with fixtures, layering problems and heavier body cutting involved. I could give it a try, but i think this time going Underground gonna be a nail into coffin :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey there!
I reckon that “Animals” is a broad enough term to include a lot of possibilities for the decals. Maybe a little too broad, even. Should I specify the theme a little bit more and update the rules as well?

As for the stability concerns, yeah I am aware of it. Not everyone can have a stable game experience in UE4 at the moment. My advice is maybe… don’t overdo it? :sweat_smile:

You know, the more I think of it, the more I believe that this kind of thing belongs less in the Community Challenge and more in the Car Sharing forum.

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