Automation Detroit Auto Show 2017 [BEST IN SHOW REVEALED]

8th to 22nd January 2017
##Welcome to this years Detroit Auto Show!
What better a way to kick off the year than a good old car show! Show off anything you like, whether it be what your company is going to be releasing this year, some weird concept car or even something classic.

There will be on-going commentary of what’s happening at the show, with end-of-day summaries and what-not, and at the end, there will be a public vote to decide the best display.

Anything posted between the 8th January and the 22nd January will qualify for this vote.

Aside from that, it’s up to you. Also, posting teasers is very much encouraged! Good luck, and we’ll see you at Detroit.

Any questions, just ask!

Daily Round-Ups
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Sounds fun, could i put a teaser up now?

And THIS time I’m not going to miss the show, like it was with the Paris one :slight_smile: Expect an invasion of Zavirs and Hyperas (and maybe something from PZS or Zeta?.. :wink:)!

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But I am going to miss it… I have nothing to showcase here! I’ve already planned 8 models between 2000 and 2020 which is kind of a lot, so it’s going to have to be a redesign or re-showcase of an already-released model :anguished:

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@Dorifto_Dorito Yep! Go ahead!

@szafirowy01 I look forward to it :smiley:

@ramthecowy Fear not, it’s more about the display than anything else, so please do come along! :grin:

Never mind anything I just said, I’ve had an idea!


@DeusExMackia Great!

Well as much a I already showed this on my company thread, here it is. the OAM Chevalier II. The concept car will be on show this year!


I will have to come up with something for the show! :slight_smile:

Shieeet, and my company is on halt to UE4… Maybe I can put something like concept car? You know, reference to company’s history or some dank shit like that?

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Here at Brivio we have quite a few cars we feel will be fit for this years show. New, old and concepts will be shown, no silly supercars for us though

That’s what I’m doing :wink: saying no more

Official press note released by Zavir Automobili American Headquarters, 1st of January 2017, Bridgeport CT

As usual Zavir Group will start the new year by attending the Detroit Auto Show with both our latest and classic cars and our engines, all boasting top-notch technology, quality and style.

##What’s new

The biggest premiere is the release of the all new, seventh generation of our flagship luxury car, the [color=#ff000f]Squalo[/color] which will come with another novelty, the all new lightweight V12, magnesium [color=#ff000f]MD63EC[/color], replacing the current top of the line, aging yet still glorious AD65EC.

The next important one will be entirely different, being the new [color=#ff000f]Luna Spider[/color], stylish cabriolet based on the latest generation of our compact.

Other new cars will include the updated variants of [color=#ff000f]Supernova[/color], [color=#ff000f]Nova Volante[/color] and [color=#ff000f]Espada[/color] and concepts unspecified until the start of the show.


The historical part of the exposition will include the very first Squalo, legendary Volante V12 - the first V12 Zavir and the iconic Z4500 - a true super GT of the 80s.

##Zavir wishes everyone a happy new year :slight_smile:

Zavir. Il vantaggio della tecnologia


ooooooh, it here

Perhaps river automotive should showcase something

Official OAM press release:
This is the first Auto Show that OAM will be attending in a while.

##What’s on Show
In the OAM booth, expect to see the brand new Chevalier II Concept along side the original 1966 OAM Chevalier

Other vehicles to expect include the new 2017 OAM Traveller II Concept, a custom 1981 OAM Phoenix and many other classic OAM designs.

In addition, Nadier-Schoefield engines will make an appearance in the Detroit Show alongside the OAM booth. There, the brand new 5.9L V8 Buzzard II will be unveiled, including other engines such as:
-10L V12 Vulture, used in the 1976 RoadCruiser Convertible
-10.8L V8 Albatross engine, used in the 1990 DeLux

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##Meliora Motorgroup announcement

Meliora Motorgroup will attend this autoshow with some of our classic cars and some new and exciting prototypes and concept cars!

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What to expect from IMP:

Sedans and Wagons in three sizes, a Coupe, a Hatchback, a carbon fibre Minivan, the final Monolith Atacama production Version and some LaVaches as well.


JHW will be presenting a fully new 2017 model lineup and a couple of concept cars.

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I’m thinking the Petoskey booth will showcase some new cars for 2017 as well as a couple historical models.


These are always so inconveniently timed for me due to being the lead up to February exams… But if I get the time I will finally reveal the final form of Mercury, conceptualised as maximum power to Weight back in 2015, and finally reaching it’s final evolution as a multimode, virtual cockpit equipped racer with engine modes ranging from Eco hypercar to track trim to warranty-voiding Conrod snapping block melting Close to 2000bhp 500km/h drag reduction mode (not recommended for multiple use).