Automation Engineers Championship | Waiting on Round 5

@HighOctaneLove 3:04 on the Swanson, no way! Which version of the track? For now I get 4.34 on version.21.

Swanson Proving Grounds Road Track is the track to get, which is in

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I’m using version .11 and I used the road course version :smile:

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So, a couple of hours and change left of the challenge and one entrant…

I’m still waiting for more :slight_smile:

SPE present you the T-200RT '85 for this new round on Swanson. Time 3:03:21. In performance red:


Sorry mate, really short on time. Also, wining and not hosting seems a bit rude if it happens too often.

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It’s the world’s grumpiest super-mini. It needs a cookie put in the mouth.

Tested only on the ATT, so who knows how well it’ll do. Less than 10K autobux to build, worth every autopenny.


Entries are closed
Results are in

For the second round we have had 3 entries from 3 companies. Their engineers have taken our crate engine and created a track machines to race around Swansons Road Course.

Our team has tested each and every car around the track and have timed the best lap. Each car has also been checked against our regulations and with varied results we have collected the following data:

@HighOctaneLove Bogliq - They’ve yet again presented an updated and facelifted version of the Dolphin. This time around it bears the moniker 2000gt-t. It set a reasonable time of 3:03.94 around the course and has a retromodern approach with an aerodynamic body and wide tires, though the omission of powersteering was not the best decision. It’s the heaviest of the entrants and sports an elegant and sporty design to the liking of our testing department.

@Lastgameking SPE - They presented the T-200RT, setting a lap of 3:03.38 it certainly wasn’t slow. It’s also more forgiving around the course compared to the Dophin, despite having to constantly correct for oversteer. The design is sparse and nothing eyecatching, but that’s prototypes for you.

@laffinghyena - They’ve presented the Chiti - a small, grumpy looking hatch. It set a laptime of 3:02.18 around the course. It was the most forgiving of the cars around the track due to it’s light weight and good suspension setup, and it showed on the laptime.

This makes @laffinghyena the winner of AEC Round 2. You will have 48 hours to submit your round with the next track, engine and any requirements of the round. If you are also unavailable please message me as soon as possible so other arrangements can be made. Finally if you do not post your round within 48 hours I will give the responsibility to the next runner up.


I will see if I can actually take part in the next round! No promises but a straight up hotlap shootout can be good fun.

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I know, that’s why I thought I’d create this competition. I only didn’t enter the last round as I was having issues with swanson, but I should be in the next round.

Oversteer yes indeed ;p
How to reduce that? Didn’t get a faster time with more adjustment of the suspension and gearbox. And of course no wings or lips on body.
Looking forward to the next round!

Well, there are many ways to counter oversteer without having to resort to aero. First, you had staggered wheels with wider threads in the front… most cars have equal width wheels or in case of MR or RR cars, wider threads in the rear. Second, and this is in regard to FR cars, if you stiffen the front swaybar and loosen the rear you will get less oversteer. And third, if you up the camber in the rear, or lessen the camber in the front, you also will get less understeer. And forth, if you have done all of the above and still have oversteer… check the suspension and see if you can stiffen the front and loosen the rear. It’s a balancing act.

I did the changeup on your car and ended up with a time in the high 3:01’s :wink:


Well, a turbo wasn’t enough to get the Dolphin into contention… I so want to crack this body’s engine code but I never seem to have much success with it! (no offence to the modder who made the body, I’m just not that good at building cars, lol).

Maybe the Dolphin will wow the crowd next round?

Stay tuned to the AEC for these answers and more!!!

AEC Round 3

The year is 1994 and international motorsport is in a bad place. With the cancellation of the IMSA GT series, Group C prototypes and Group A touring, viewership is nearly halved. Many large manufacturers have dropped or curtailed their programs and sponsors are pulling out faster than a nervous prom date. Something needs to be done promptly or there will be a whole ‘lost generation’ for drivers and fans.

To build up a feeder league that provides new teams and new faces a financially-viable portal to higher level competition, the AEC proposes to fill in the gap left for traditional door-to-door circuit driving. As an incentive for privateers looking to curb spiraling development costs and limit boring blow-out events, Key Engines provided a batch of 4 liter power-plants focused on durability and efficiency. They’re enough to keep the racing spirited but not so much as to overwhelm rookie operators.

With the hopes of attracting skeptical advertisers, the AEC heads set up a publicized demonstration at the famous Laguna Seca track. If this first showcase goes well, the goal is to expand to a full season and build up links to the top tiers of the sport. Organizers are expecting a large field with fast laps, and are depending on this event to establish a positive reputation for the fledgling series.

So what are we actually making here?
According to Appendix J, Article 251, Section IV, ‘car’. It really takes them that long to describe what a car is for car racing.
There’s a lot of fiddly stuff that’s outside what Automation covers. For this challenge, here is what you will need to know:

  • Trim year is 1994.

  • Minimum weight is 900 kilograms.

  • Chassis is capped at 100 Engineering and 100 Production.

  • Chassis material and engine placement are free.

  • Any 2 driven wheels, front or rear.

  • Tires are semi-slicks, with a maximum width of 305mm and no quality sliders. Wheel diameter and material are free.

  • Suspension configuration is free.

  • Gearbox and differential are free.

  • Brake material, pad type, and composition are free (edited).

  • Minimum cooling is 330 kilojoules. Maximum is unrestricted. Please do not recreate Peugeot’s convection-welding experiment.

  • One aerodynamic lip. Placement is free.

  • Any undertray is permissible. In all instances downforce must be set to 0.

  • Minimum of 2 seats, standard interior. This is to simulate the presence of on-board race equipment not provisioned in the game.

  • Traction control is prohibited. All other driver assists are free.

The important stuff
Minimum drivability is 30. Your clean driver underpants supply is minimum of 1.
Minimum safety is 30. Just look at how much insurance for these events costs.
The total cap on slider use is 15. This includes both positive and negative increments. The maximum alteration to any one feature, positive or negative, is 5.

The engine is a sealed specified unit here AEC Round 3 (10.8 KB). It is the product of 15 minutes years of racing pedigree.
The course is the most recent revision to Laguna Seca (courtesy of CobaltGirl). The direct link is
The forum link is Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca (flying lap). Make sure you get the updated version.

That is a lot to read! Note that all the general contest rules in the first post still apply. Once you have read the brief, please put any questions you have prior to entering as replies to this post. The deadline for entries is Midnight US PDT, August 27.


I’m assuming wings cannot be used at all (if they could, they would have to always be mounted on the rear and never on the front, for aesthetics’ sake). But what about braking hardware? Specifically, are there any restrictions on the type and size of brakes we can use, and their pad type?

No wings, one lip.
Brakes are however you like them. The original post is edited to include that. I didn’t list it specifically, but if you want to ballast your entry with a CD player or power massaging seats, that is also permissible.

The Engineering team at Scarab took the 90’s Aurora and ripped out the 2.5l turbocharged V6 and replaced it with the AEC crate engine for round 3 of the engineering challenge and after some welding, tinkering and fidgeting got the car to a rather decent time around the Lacuna Seca. Hopefully it’ll be good enough.


For the laptime, does the full time count or just the flying lap?

Lets Get Ready… To Rumble!!

The LLA Bullet. A British take on the muscle car, but this one actually goes round corners, and not just left ones!! Available for only $14,900


Flying lap. The cars would warm up and circulate for a while, then run a qualifying-style fast time. Don’t forget to smile for the cameras.