Automation Game Importer Difficulties

So I created a car on my laptop and used the exporter function so that I could send it to myself through email so that I could download the car onto my desktop. The trouble is once I have the .Car files downloaded and placed inside the folder CarSaveImport, the car does not show up in game. If anyone has any clue as to what could cause this issue and if there is a possible way around it, please let me know.

That’s a strange problem… Does the game show a message saying that the car has been successfully imported?
If not, can I see the screenshot of what you put into the folder?

There is no message… here’s a screenshot of the file itself.

Huh, good thing you are showing your folder structure, the culprit is right there: OneDrive.
We’ve never tried what it would behave like when put on cloud storage, but undoubtedly that could come with issues. Can you make a local equivalent of that folder to see if that works?

Turns out I won’t be able to test disabling onedrive. My laptop decided to die.

Hmm, so it’s in documents, is it? I feel like I would have tried that, though maybe I only did the userdata/local etc whatever it is one since that’s where my exports were found.

So I don’t seem to have a documents folder for this game, I run it off of an external drive, so is the correct folder likely to be on the external?


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Ah, I see now, so I just went too far before straight into imported. Otherwise that’s the one I brought up before.