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Automation Game Manual

This is the Automation Manual feedback thread.
The manual was written and designed by Martin “Der Bayer” Herrmann and can be downloaded from your user control panel here:


Now there also is a printer friendly version of the manual for those who want a physical copy.

We greatly appreciate any constructive feedback you can give. Tell us what you like about it and what you dislike, and why.
With your feedback it will be improved over time! Also, this is of course just the first part of it, only properly covering the
available parts of the Engine Designer for now. It will be expanded as new content is added to the game.


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Just a question… When it says “flat”, does it refer to the flatplane V8, or a boxer style 4/6 engine?

That means boxer. We already could try out those engine types (without graphics) in closed beta a while ago, so I could add those to the tables and descriptions.

Excellent work! Thanks for all the effort and time spent doing this manual

Very nicely done! It should be a valuable resource!

As for constructive feedback, here are a few thoughts I had while looking it over:

  • Under the Headers section, the word “manifold” is used. I can see some potential confusion for some people, and suggest changing the title to “Header/Exhaust Manifolds”.

  • In my opinion, words within a table should be capitalized (such as “Low”, “High”, etc.).

  • Under section 2.5, for Carburettors, where it says “An increased number of carburettors”, I suggest changing it to “Increasing the number of carburettors (as opposed to the number of barrels)”. People will be comparing the words in the manual to what’s in the game, so this would avoid that confusion. Adding a sentence or two about multi-barrel carbs might also be helpful.

  • Under section 2.6, for Muffler Bypass, where it says “This is a gimmick which lets the exhaust gasses pass the muffler(s) at full throttle”, I suggest changing it to “while at full throttle”.

  • Under section 2.8.3 I suggest adding the word “annual” before “maintenance cost of the engine” since within the game it does define it as per year.

  • In regards to the previous comments about “Flat” meaning a boxer engine, I suggest changing it to actually say “Boxer” in section 2.2 to avoid confusion with the flatplane V8.

But it is meant to mean just the number of carbys, not the number of barrels.


But it is meant to mean just the number of carbys, not the number of barrels.[/quote]

In that case, some mention of multiple barrels would be beneficial. When I read it, I see it applying to both.

EDIT: Ok, I looked at it again and I see now that the part about the number of carbs was in reference to what wasn’t included in the table. My new suggestion is to change “An increased number of carburettors” to “Increasing the number of carburettors (as opposed to the number of barrels)”.

Sorry for not being online a whole lot… Anyways, thanks for the info :smiley:. Also, really looking forward to the “Bodies and engines” update (That’s what I call it, it’s my nickname for the next designer update which will hopefully include the car-engine marriage and the AWESOMEFACE bodies :3), and my uncle’s looking forward to whenever the 50’s/60’s coupé body style is coming out :smiley:. Great job guys! Now even my GRANDMA can play! xD

Is the statement “Flipping awesome!” constructive?

Nice work, as usual, by the team. This will be uploaded to the iPad as a resource :smiley:

Good job ! I have just one comment : is it possible to have a printer friendly version, with a white backgound ?

Good idea actually, I’ll try to make a black-on-white version in the next days!
Thanks for all the other players’ feedback, too! Most of the mentioned issues will be adressed in the next update.

Hi do you have an ETA on the Printer friendly version of the manual please?

The printer friendly (but a bit ugly) version is ready and will be uploaded by the devs in the next few days!

An updated version of the manual is out along with a printer friendly version. We have moved the download to your User Control Panel, which you see when you’re logged into your account on the forums.

i get a txt saying Invalid File when i click either… HALP!

We’re looking into it :slight_smile: seems like they are just linked wrong.

When I download and try to open the printer friendly version of the manual it says “Adobe reader could not open Automation ED Guide PF because it is either not a supported file type or has been damaged”. I am using the latest Adobe Reader 11.0.5.

Same for the normal version and the ZIP-file. Seems like the files are corrupted. The original files on my hard drive are fine though.

The downloads are working again. :slight_smile:

Will there be an update to the manual to cover the new aspects like suspension?