Automation Geneva Car Expo 2015

The 2015 Geneva Car expo starts the 3th of March! (And ends the 15th of March).
It is a very good to publicize your brand opportunity and how your new models, prototypes or new versions in one of the halls of the most important car in the world!

What are you waiting to make known to the world for your products?

To participate, you only need to post a few images of your models in this thread, with the brand name in the upper part, and the models name.

This is the format:

[size=200]BRAND[/size] -Modeln [photo] Specs (if you desire).

You can upload your photo of models here right now! You can publish teasers too!

[size=200]-----Rennen Automotive-----[/size]

2015 Kusanagi R

Specifications/Description: The Kusanagi R is revamped for 2015, with a more civilised engine and suspension tuning. Don’t think we’ve gone soft: It is faster around tracks than it had used to be. With a 0-60 time of 2.7 Seconds, it sn’t afraid to knock your socks off.

535 HP @ 7500 RPM
463 lb-ft @ 4800 RPM
8500 RPM Redline
27.1 MPG
7-Speed Dual-Clutch Sequential transmission
2931 Lbs
Top speed 182 MPH
0-60 MPH: 2.7 Seconds
1/4 Mile: 10.50 Seconds @ 133 MPH

[Revealed in a later date]

[Revealed in a later date]

[Revealed in a later date]

[Teased in a later date]

[size=200]Žnoprešk [/size]

Power: 701 HP @ 8000RPM
Redline: 9000RPM
Economy: 7.73lt/100km - 30.4 mpg (US)
Top speed: 341km/h - 212.2 mph
Weight: 1560 kg - 3439 lb
0-100kph: 3.1 sec
1/4 mile: 10.50 sec @ 225km/h
Total production cost: 16520.87 $

Reasonable, tame and low budget as all the Znopresk should be. It complete a lap on the Airfield track in less than 1:19.
Based on the same platform of the more powerful and race oriented BMMA Shark to save developement cost.

May I post a second model too?

[size=200]Gryphon Gear[/size]


Mercury is Gryphon Gear’s most extreme, most obnoxious gesture yet, the raised middle finger to good sense and sanity. Clad in more classic lines with neo-retro quirks, this prototype is a proof-of-concept, that you can stuff 2 horses per kilo into an overboosted turbo MR and bomb it around the track. Well, a track that lets it stretch its legs, like Nordschleife. Our specific aim was to achieve the sub 7 minute full lap around Nordschleife. It took a rather unorthodox setup and every single bit of whizzbang to keep the car from flying off the road, but we managed a time of 6:59.42… in road-going aero trim and from a standing start.

The car in this form takes 100RON, is de-catted and is fairly guaranteed to kill you unless you are a professional race driver, so we don’t plan to make it commercially available as is. But models may be made available for loan, along with necessary equipment/crew, to specific companies or parties with relevant interests or expertise.

Power: 2480hp @ 7300RPM
Redline: 7800RPM
Top speed: 417.6km/h - 259.5mph
Weight: 1198.4 kg - 2642 lb
0-100kph: 2.2 sec
1/4 mile: 7.88s @ 339km/h (tested at Tulsa)
Standing km: 13.74s @ 401km/h (est.)
Standing mile: 18.94s @ 417.6km/h (tested at GG Velodrome)

Teaser: This will be the first platform we use when we investigate the effectiveness of active options for cooling, aero, and LSDs!

… That is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

Thanks. It was also two-three of the most painstaking weeks of fixture OCD I have ever had.

And then somebody kindly pointed out to me: haven’t you pretty much made a Regera? And I’m like no, I wish I could, but we can’t really do things like that in Automation, and they were all like no, no, what I mean is:


Haha :laughing: I would have ended up raging and throwing my computer out of the window, but that’s just me. How did you get that single exhaust, was it a modded vent?

It looks like one of the grilles.

This one to be more specific.

Yep absolutely. In fact I must emphasise, this rear design actually hatched as a result of a collaborative design study with Razyx, when Razyx tried re-envisioning the Mephisto back in January. His interpretation formed the centrepiece of the new rear.

[quote=“strop”][size=200]Gryphon Gear[/size]



:astonished: amazing! I don’t know if it is the colour you’ve chosen, but this looks incredible! I’m assuming you used mod fixtures?


(Name yet to be decided)

A new mid-engined concept car by AMW, loosely based on the Anaconda R’s exterior:

Headline stats:
95 RON
Sports Compound Tires
No Race intake (or exhaust)
Time around Nordschleife: under 7 minutes
Time around Airfield: less than 1:12
0-100km/h: less than 2.5 seconds
Quarter Mile: less than 8.5 seconds

Little hint: We’re releasing the all-new 2015 Yajiri, brace yourselves

Would it be okay to showcase engines as well?

Answer may be obvious but I’m asking anyway.

Just a new teaser for the 2nd car that we will present (10/03/2015)

[quote=“Rossriders”]Would it be okay to showcase engines as well?

Answer may be obvious but I’m asking anyway.[/quote]


When is the deadline? is there even a deadline? Please give me the deadline in Italian time :laughing:

The endline is the 15th of March.

2015, will be the year to present a new sport saloon…

(sorry for the bad pics)

The HALFIX-GROUP is present at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show :wink:
Starting with some boring news:

[size=150]The 2015 MAW Progreso[/size]

This new budget car is simple and comfortable.
Standard with a 949cc engine with 49 HP, power steering, ABS and 14-inch wheels.
Price: €7.050,-

As shown here: The 1.3L with 67 HP and the extra €300,- ‘‘Style’’ package with: A sunroof, 15-inch wheels, Traction Control, FM/AM Radio and a more stylish grille.
Stats (1.3i Style):
-1306cc engine, 67 HP and 115 NM torque
-5 speed manuel gearbox, FWD
-4.82L/100 KM
-0-100 KM/H in 12,9 Seconds
-Topspeed of 174 KM/H

More news is coming :smiley: