Automation iGP Manager Racing Club || Season 2 || Race next Friday!

How? What?

That’s what I’m wondering too

I don’t even know. The game was just like “Here, have free tech points.”

I dunno, but I have 9 reliablity :stuck_out_tongue:

Jesus, I had three points

I’m absolutely crap at this game

The reason why some of you (@Fayeding_Spray) are getting a sh!t ton of design points is because the game gives newer teams a chance to catch up to the competition by giving them those points. After 5 or 6 races you will start to get much less points (around 5-7 points). And @koolkei if you sign a contract with a sponsor they will give you money and stuff after a race.

EDIT: I am about to create a league now! Information to come later.

first ever race today… i’m in 1st and 3rd…

what? what the fuck did i do? or is this actually normal?
oh wait…
if it says “suspension” on the “finish gap” column, does that mean they had a suspension problem and DNF?
because if so, only 6 cars out of 26 car survived, and i’m a fucking lucky bastard

anyone also getting this error when trying to spectate something?

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I was in a race and doing terrible when all the sudden everyone started having suspension failures, and I did better. So that’s what happened to you.

still can’t see the livestream… grrrr

Unfortunately I can’t help you with that. No idea what the problem would be. :worried:

How come my team only gets three no matter which league I’m in?

You haven’t played this before now right? Because if so I have no idea. There is a forum page for iGP where you can ask.

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I know the old version had trouble streaming on certain browsers, not sure if thats still a problem.

I do. I’m using Firefox, where it gives that error, because Chrome and Opera don’t support the Unity Web Player that the game use.

The issue now is server problems, where even 10 hours after the race ended it will still say “Go To Race”.

@Nomade0013 You only need unity web player for the livery editor really.

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Oh, I didn’t know. Thanks!

@ramthecowy I think we’re currently in the same league… so good luck racing!

really? How do you know that? @findRED19

Profile pic you used before in automation, name’s ram, recently started playing it.
It’s quite easy to find some of the other automationeers in iGP as well.


glhf finding me before the automation league begins :stuck_out_tongue:

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He was in my league for a day or so. :stuck_out_tongue: